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The Ocean and the Guillotine

Written By: Matt Laszewski

The Ocean and the Guillotine

My girl looks good holding a gun
Blowing smoke off the muzzle
She's a disappearing act
In some kind of a puzzle

We steal from each other
And split the take between
The ocean and the guillotine

For years I was a slave
In a kingdom of nightcrawlers
Then she pulled the worm out of my heart
And busted my shackles and collar

I made a sand castle
So she could be queen
It's by the ocean and the guillotine

The first time I kissed her
Hidden things came into my view
Like a red pentagram in the sky
And some things that could see me, too

We went for a ride
In her flying machine
Over the ocean and the guillotine

She's never voted in her life
I asked her the reason why
She said, "I saw someone walk into a voting booth
And come out with the head of a fly"

I recognized her face
On an ancient figurine
Impassive like the ocean and the guillotine

One night I climbed out my window
And she was swimming close to shore
But when I climbed back up
I couldn't find the window anymore

Put your ear to her lips
Don't let the world intervene
You can hear the ocean and the guillotine