Matt Lewis Band

Matt Lewis Band


With 1500 self produced CD's sold in the first year, 25+ sold-out shows (200-900 ppl), and gaining popularity as one of the most energetic live bands in the West, self-supporting touring entity, Matt Lewis Band embarks on their first multi-month tour this summer 2005.


“Check him out...
that guy is dope”
-G Love

Provo, Utah based Matt Lewis Band isn’t just Punk, Hip Hop, Folk Rock, or Reggae, but ask one of their throngs of fans and you could get any one of these for an answer. Attending one of their energetic crowd-pleasing performances led Maroon 5’s lead guitarist James Valentine to proclaim, “You guys completely owned that crowd!”

Bassist Chad Bates, drummer Cameron Runyan, and guitarist Eric Ellsworth came together around Matt Lewis’ ability to freestyle rhymes so quickly that Eminem himself would have trouble keeping pace. Their commanding stage presence always steals the center of attention in the noisiest of artist-unfriendly bars. MLB’s ability to make a crowd forget about their drinks and move their feet is paramount in describing their live performance--a sea of faces either with jaws dropped to the floor or bodies moving in all directions.

It's no secret that seeing the Matt Lewis Band live is like shooting caffeine directly into the veins.

MLB has a crossover style that is due to their wide range of influences. Their appeal spans from dyed-hair teenagers with one to many piercings, to college students, as well as those approaching mid-life crisis and beyond. Their catchy tunes and creative lyrics have helped to establish a cult-like following which keeps people coming back for more and bringing new friends each time.

MLB could easily fit on bills with Slightly Stupid, Ben Harper, Taking Back Sunday, Jack Johnson, Cypress Hill, and Willie Nelson. Comparisons run amuck from Sublime to Jason Mraz, but MLB can hold their own with any of these artists. Leading MTV video director, Mike Scheartle, announced Matt Lewis Band as “one of the most promising new acts [he had] seen in a long time.”

Whether it’s opening for Maroon 5 or headlining the annual Girdwood Forest Fair in Alaska, MLB continues to gain momentum in the Pacific Northwest and is looking to bring their explosive live crowd pleasing performance to the rest of the United States and the world.

Their self-titled debut was released in April
2004, after selling thousands of demos
by word of mouth and live performances.
It won’t be long before the rest of the world
catches on to MLB’s unforgettable, crowd
rousing anthems and embraces them.

Contact info: 801.830.1352 - Cameron,,

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Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
Phone - 702-385-3343


Matt Lewis Band Self Titled Album
Tracks 1, 4, 6, 8 currently receive airplay in Utah, Alaska, and online.

1. Killing Time
2. Friction
3. Gravity
4. Chili Davis
5. Old Enough
6. Away From Myself
7. Head Games
8. In For a Ride
9. Make Believe World
10. The River

Set List

Original songs can fill up to 2.5 Hours. With covers, 4 hours can be filled. A typical set consists of 1-1.5 hours of all originals occasionally visited by 1-2 covers.