Matt Littlejohn Band

Matt Littlejohn Band



After years of leading worship at their local church, Matt Littlejohn Band, officially decided to take their music public in the summer of 2011. After making the decision, band members Matt, Jason, Ditt, and Wes traveled to Florence, Alabama to record their first EP, “Greater Is He,” at Noiseblock Studio. The experience brought confirmation that they were heading in the direction God had planned for them.

“It was hard choosing only 5 songs, since we have written many over the years,” says Matt. “We wanted to express our love, not only, for the rock driven sounds through tracks like Holy Holy and Shake This Ground, but also the melodic worship through Greater Is He and Looking For You. The common factor in every song we produce is the clear and straight forward message of Christ.”

Along with leading worship at Lomax Assembly, they are passionate about sharing their love for God and music to anyone willing to listen. As a band, they are always challenging their abilities to bring something fresh to listeners, while never abandoning the raw sounds that brought them together.