Matt Loftin

Matt Loftin


Rock music with a little bit of punk/hard rock influence. Nothing to fancy, but the lyrics will show my heart. They tell of the God I serve, and how He can, has, and will change lives


As a kid, I grew up in the church. I was there twice a week, whether I liked it or not. I knew the scriptures, and what I was suppose to do, but God wasn't real to me. My sophomore year in H.S., I got caught up in the party scene. I felt I had to drink and smoke dope to fit in. This went on for about 2 years, then God gave me a wake up call. Through that, I saw how God can change anybody, and give them a second chance.
I draw my influences from many different artists from many different genres, including rock, hard rock, heavy metal, punk, praise and worship to name a few.
It's only been about a year since I've been doing this, but I've noticed a lot of maturity in my lyrics and music since then. It doesn't need to be what I want, but what GOD wants. At first I was a little uncomfortable with this, but now that I've fully submitted to God, it's awesome and I wouldn't change it.
The main reason I write music and want to perform is to tell others about God. I currently work as a youth pastor at my home church, and I've seen first and second hand how He can turn anybody around, no matter what they're doing, what they're going through, or what. God loves each and every one of us, and I believe there are a lot of people out there that may not realize this, or believe it. I just want to help people that. That's it.


Angels and Anarchists

Written By: Matt Loftin

"Angels and Anarchists"
Matt Loftin 8/19/08

Why, can't we decide, on which side to fight, when we raise our fists?
Why, can't we just see, the way it should be, in the fight of angels and anarchists?

Verse 1
He sees the world from a different point of view, He sees a world that he can change.
He sees that there's hope in everyone, and he knows he's not the same.
Little does he know that when he drinks it throws the message that he sends.
He never even stops to think about, the salvation of his friends.


Verse 2
On Sunday mornings is when she seems to shine, as a light for all to see.
She looks just like the perfect picture, of who we all should try to be.
But when she sets foot in the parking lot, that's where it always ends.
She never even stops to think about, the salvation of her friends.


Why do we live a double life, for a dying world that’s passing by?

Chorus (2x)

Out Of Your Tears

Written By: Matt Loftin

“Out of Your Tears” Matt Loftin 3/3/08

Verse 1
Crying by your window, another sleepless night, another pointless fight
All those hurtful words were said, and now you feel misled,
He’s not the man he was when you thought you knew him
Searching for the answers no one seems to know, why’d he choose to go?
Why’d he have to do, all those things to you?
How could he stand to hurt someone so precious?

Why does this have to be this way?
There’s a reason for your pain…

Out of your tears, comes your strength.
There is now hope through your suffering
All of the times that you were down,
When you picked yourself off the ground,
That out of your tears comes my strength.
You opened my eyes to things unseen.
You showed me how I can stand strong.
When everything else all seems so wrong.

Verse 2
Sitting by your window, the tears have left your eyes, but you still ask
God, “Why?”
All the painful memories, seems like they’ll never leave
And all you want is to get on with your life.
We don’t understand how God can make it right, shine daylight in our night.
With this life you lead, you won’t always see
But we have to trust God when we wonder



Poor Girl's Life - Acoustic

Written By: Matt Loftin

"Poor Girl’s Life"
Matt Loftin

Verse 1
Sitting in a small cafe, watching people go by
Wondering if they know anything about life
Questioning myself inside, searching the depths of my soul
Feeling alone at times, even though I always know
I know that He's there for me, even when no one else is
Sitting in a crowded room, but you still feel no one's there

I see a girl alone, a look of desperation
I go to her and say hello, feeling her separation
We sit together and we talk, sharing our past to pass time
Just then the tears start to fall, losing herself inside
Coming from a world of hurt, suicide was on her mind
She said that no one loves her, she had reached the end of the line

All of the hurt in this world, but still no one seems to care
They just go on with their lives, pretending you're not even there
Why can't we just take the time, to smile or at least say, "Hi"
We seem to be so selfish, we're getting consumed with pride

Verse 2
She came from a broken home, a life no one should have lived
She said she couldn't handle this life, anymore
I told her not to give up, that someone was always there
She has so much to live for, a pretty face that she should share
And then from underneath those tears, arose a beautiful smile
A completely new expression, that's been gone for awhile


Verse 3
As the cafe's closing down, we part our ways and say, "Goodbye."
She turned to me and said, "Thank you, our conversation saved my live."
As she turned to walk away, a simple thought had crossed my mind
I just saved this poor girl's life, because I took the time to say, "Hi,"

With These Hands

Written By: Matt Loftin

"With These Hands" Matt Loftin 11/6/08

Verse 1
Lord, I stand in Your presence, I kneel before Your throne
Lord with all that you gave me, I will serve You alone
Lord, how can You love me, after all the things I've done?
Lord You still want to use me, You've called me as Your son

And with these hands I will serve You,
With these hands, I will bring you glory
Even when the road gets rough,
I will always tell the same old story
Of how, you always care, and how, you are always there
For me, and I am always yours
With these hands

Verse 2
Lord, I'm humbled at your feet, I'm in awe of who you are
Lord, I'm glad that you protect me, you don't let me stray far
Lord, how can you bless me? What exactly did I do?
Lord I'm so undeserving, and so thankful for you

Chorus 2x

El Shaddai, You are the God Almighty
Emmanuel, God You are always with me
You never leave, You're always there, You stand right by my side
I love you Lord, and I will follow you all my life.

Chorus 2x


I don't have any EPs or LPS released, nor do I have anything on the radio. Since I just started recording recently in my home, the only music I have out in the world is at

Set List

Honestly, I have yet to perform on stage yet with my new music. Since my music covers different topics, I will pray before each show to see what God wants me to use. For covers, I do a lot of up beat praise songs, including: Blessed Be Your Name, Light The Fire Again, and In The Secret are the main ones. I'm starting to work on covers for "7 Things" by Miley Cyrus and "Look What Happened" by Less Than Jake.
Typically, my average set list was between 30 and 45 minutes. It's enough time to get listeners involved, but not too long to bore them.