Matt Lucci

Matt Lucci


Anything goes. Our music is like a blank table and each song is a new meal. You have to balance each dish and create the perfect flavor to savor. Not too much salt though...


We are all music teachers and studio musicians that somehow ended up in Colorado Springs Co. Check us out @


Two, Five, One, Fun

Written By: Matt Lucci

Music's always oh so fun,
The guitar, the piano and the drums,
It's the perfect two five one.

Music's always oh so fun,
Add percussion just as a touch,
with the bass we've completed the song.

(Choir): Shoo-bee-do-dup

Eu lo sinto nao meu coração

Esta música es cómo un sueño
This music's like a dream
Ven conmigo y volaremos
Close your eyes and fly with me

(Choir): Close your eyes, close your eyes
(Choir): Bella, bella, bella

Music Impossible

Written By: Matt Lucci


Set List

Generally 8-12 songs. 3-4 are usually covers. Focusing mainly on rock, blues, instrumental, jazz...