Matt Marfoglia

Matt Marfoglia


From the complex layering of both sweet and bold guitars to strong vocal lines with bright harmonies, Matt's songs are the kinda tunes you wanna crank in your car...sing along with..and know the story you're hearing is your story too!


“It sounds kinda funny but this whole idea of a solo music thing basically evolved from having that feeling of hitting a wall and not knowing any other way to do it!”……says this native Los Angeles singer. With training and performing early on in theory, voice, and even acting, Matt's true inclination and passion has always been self-expression through music. The path he took getting there was not always so clear, however, and was ultimately paved through trial and error. Having always shied away from the idea of a solo project, Matt weaved his way through the L.A. music scene in search of the right band. But in no time, disillusionment set in, and shyness took a back seat. “It got to the point where I was so tired of auditioning for bands and being handed all this boring stuff to sing that I finally said, ‘ok –that’s it! –I’m gonna start writing my own stuff!’ And that’s what he did.


Better Than You Thought

Written By: Matt Marfoglia

Better Than You Thought

“ another day in paradise” –
you smugly said
come on, get outta bed -
I got some news
speed with the tears
and belt “Moon River”
in your car
guess she’s right…
the “reds” are far worse
than the blues


still you keep running
telling me I’m strange
to speak of change
I see one coming though
can you build some faith and

wait for that day
when you find a way
to aim past status-quo
it’s then you’re gonna find
this burn-out from the grind
just won’t mean a thing
come on, -let go
take all you think you know
and throw it all away
you worry now a lot
but I swear it’s gonna be
better than you thought
just you wait and see
so much better than you ever
thought it could be

You look at your life -
it’s outta balance
and you feel jipt
too long the scales been tipped
to that bleak side
with a shortage on thrills
it’s all ‘work n pay bills’
get up and do it again
what’s left to show
at every days-end,
but your weak pride


with your perception,
to dream just means more pain
so you create
this great deception
that, somehow, you’ve already
sealed your fate…


but now you’re scared as hell
I know that all too well
wondering, “is this as good
as it gets?”
slow down and you’ll see
how sweet it can be
a life not based on regrets

(to chorus)