Matt Martin

Matt Martin


Blending familiar favorites with original tunes, Matt Martin brings an energetic, dynamic, and familial atmosphere to any venue. The 22-year-old guitarist, vocalist, drummer, and harmonica player delivers on demand music that ranges from rock to jazz, blues to folk.


Matt Martin recently graduated Ohio University with a bachelors degree in occupational health science. While at Ohio University, Matt established himself as one of Athen's most well known solo musicians, with a a bi-weekly 4-hour set at the popular Red Brick Tavern. In addition, Matt has played various other bars and restaurants in Athens and his hometown, Dayton, Ohio.

Matt is most well known for his vocal abilities, which enable him to execute soulful originals and a unique blend of popular cover songs.

Set List

Matt's setlist usually consists of about 75% cover tunes, 25% original songs. His average set consists of about 50 songs, and is 3-4 hours long.

Matt knows upwards of 300 cover songs from artists including but not limited to:

Jack Johnson
Pearl Jam
The Shins
Johnny Cash
Dave Matthews
Death Cab for Cutie
Iron and Wine
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Tom Petty
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Counting Crows
The Beatles
Bob Marley
Damien Rice
Eric Clapton
Pink Floyd
The Postal Service
Smashing Pumpkins
John Melloncamp
Elliott Smith
And many more.....