Matt Martinez

Matt Martinez

 Dearborn, Michigan, USA

A new sound. Pop Rock infused with infectious latin rhythms. Think, "contemporary Santana."


Matt began writing/playing shows in 2004. He began as a solo act, playing coffee shops in the Metro Detroit area. Eventually, Matt wanted to record a demo and enlisted the help of a few local musicians to accompany him on the album. Long story short, the group clicked and have been playing together ever since. The band performed their first show together at Michigan State University's "Battle of the Bands 2007." The group took first place. I true sign of things to come.

With the release of their first EP this past summer, the band is hard at work promoting, performing, and preparing for the future.


One Love

Written By: Matt Martinez

I know a girl and to me she is my world. She always treats me good, treats me like a woman should. She feeds me, she cleans me, she listens to the songs I sing. She is my everything. There's no denying.

*There can only be one love.
With all of the lovin she gets there just ain't room for more.
There can only be one love.
Only one woman in this world, who I adore.

She knows how to get down. Everytime she hear that sounds, she's out there on the floor. She backs it up and drops it low. Well, she move and she groove, with one look into her eyes, the girl had me hypnotized. Well my baby, she drives me crazy.


Her and I sleep in until noon. Stay in at night and all we do is spoon. Not myself when she's away. I miss her beautiful face.



"A foot in the door..." EP

Set List

Full band shows usually run about an hour and feature all Matt Martinez originals.

Solo/Bar gigs can last up to four hours, encompassing both orginal songs and classic covers from the past few decades.