Matt Mateus

Matt Mateus


Singer-Songwriter backed by blips and beeps that make one want to move their feet.

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Stella Brass: Early Demos
Stella Brass: Simplicity in Motion EP - Ear to Ground Records
Stella Brass: Sketches of Places We've Slept 7" - Ear to Ground Records
Stella Brass: Figure Eights and Heart Shapes 7" - Ear to Ground Records
Matt Mateus : The Year of Sinking Ships - The Rosewood Union (UK)
Hello Amsterdam : How Are You? LP- Spy Hop Records
Passages : Passages - Self Release EP
Hello Amsterdam : Nightlife - tba
Matt Mateus : Accompaniment - Eden's Watchtower

Set List

All original music, no covers. Set lengths can vary from 25-45 minutes.