Matt Maye

Matt Maye


Intelligent and meaningful music dealing with the many aspects of life. His style ranges from rock to acoustic and his songs consistently express the unique perspective that he brings to his music. With well-written lyrics and beautiful melodies, Matt is both a remarkable musician and performer.


Matt Maye is a talented young singer/songwriter whose songs reflect remarkable honesty and truth. His insightful lyrics and carefully crafted melodies come together in a singular expression of what it means to be alive. Through his music he gives form to the love and loss we experience as well as the hope that keeps us going. Maye’s sincere vocals and guitar playing seem to effortlessly reach his audience through the universal appeal of his songs. He is tangible proof of music as it is meant to be: emotional, powerful, and transforming.

With the release of his debut EP, Matt Maye has begun to make his own mark on the music world. Halfway There is a 5 song EP that expresses with remarkable precision emotions which we have all experienced and it has received radio and internet play in the US, Canada, and Australia. Matt has quickly become a favorite performer on the club scene where he has gained a loyal following among live music fans. Now, with his latest single, I Love You Is That Okay, Matt Maye continues to raise the bar of excellence that he has already set for himself. It is a rewarding and revealing glimpse of a unique artist who doesn’t disappoint.


Halfway There

Written By: Matt Maye

Verse 1:
Open hearts and open minds,
They won't tell you what you'll find
When you're out on your own
In a strange new world where you're all alone.
Nobody's listening here,
The lies are thick and the truth's unclear.
I thought I had it figured out,
But it's just a glimpse of a loser's bout.

Halfway there and halfway gone.
A long way from home.
Still the only way I've ever known.

Verse 2:
True love's just a fantasy
Of high school proms and magazines.
I don't know how to love a girl
Who spoke to me without a word.
The dawn brings another day,
It looks the same in every way.
It's only in a memory
That I still have the best of me.


Verse 3:
Dogs bark on the boulevard
Where the children play and the rain falls hard.
I'd love to wind up at the door
Of a girl I cared for once before.
Out of luck and out of line,
I do the same thing every time.
It all makes no sense to me
To have no choice but still be free.


I Love You, Is That Okay?

Written By: Matt Maye

I love you in the morning with the sunlight on your skin.
I love you in the evening as the darkness settles in.
I love you every moment, and there’s not much else I can say.
I love you, is that okay?
I love you, is that okay?

I love you like the mountains, I love you like the sea.
I love you like a soldier who’s fighting to be free.
In all these ways I’m trying to tell you what I mean.
I love you, is that okay?
I love you, is that okay?

I love you for the part of me that’s standing here today.
And I love you for the part of me that was wounded on the way.
It’s all that I can tell you,
It’s all that I can do
To hope you see these words I say are true.

I’ve loved you from the time when the world was newly formed
While the heavens waited patiently for the day that you were born.
I love you like I loved you then - still do to this day.
I love you, is that okay?
I love you, is that okay?
I love you, is that okay?

Burning the Exits Tonight

Written By: Matt Maye

1. Walking on the edge of breaking down,
Nothing left from yesterday to take.
The ashes are lying on the ground,
Strewn out, but it isn’t by mistake.
Over here in the vacant lot
Strangers count up everything they’ve got.
Me, I try so hard but just can’t stop
Burning the exits tonight,
Burning the exits tonight.

2. The drawbridge is coming down at noon -
Fallen to the ground too many times.
It gives you a different point of view
When you’re caught up in its fishnet lines.
Mary called to see if I was here
And told me for the seventh time this year
That there is nothing that I need to fear.
Burning the exits tonight,
Burning the exits tonight.

3. The wind blows hard through my disguise
Disrupting the stillness and the dark.
I’ve got nothing left to compromise
And no place where I can make a start.
Letting go of useless memories,
Getting something new for this disease,
Throwing out the artificial creeds.
Burning the exits tonight,
Burning the exits tonight.

4. I spend sleepless nights out on the street
With only my conscience at my side.
Walking alone and incomplete,
I wake up somewhat mystified.
Cooling morning rain on my face,
Close the shutters, open up the gates,
Find some other incidental place.
Burning the exits tonight,
Burning the exits tonight,
Burning the exits tonight.


Halfway There (2005) - EP
(Tracks Don't Let Me Go, Halfway There, Alone With You have all received streaming and radio play)

I Love You, Is That Okay? (2007) - Single
Burning the Exits Tonight (2007) - Single

Set List

A typical set consists of 10-15 original songs lasting from 45 minutes to 1 hour. It may also include covers by artists such as Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, U2, etc.