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Matt Mure Music

 Watford, England, GBR

Matt Mure's tireless live performance sits fearlessly between the boundaries of heartfelt singer songwriter and angst filled garage band. The songs journey from personal stories of young heartache to anthemic chants of social comment. Provoking lyrics, catchy melodies and a truly captivating show.


These are the most recent ventures of singer, songwriter and performer Matt Mure. Born and bred in London, his musical interest started young - he took to the guitar at the age of 7, inspired by renditions of Streets of London and American Pie from his father. It grew from there, developing an early interest in song writing, citing early influences from Elvis, Little Richard, Costello and mainstream 60’s and 70’s sounds. By the age of 16, he had completed his Grade 8 Guildhall exam in Guitar passing with merit. Following a local competition, at the age of 17 he had completed an intense 60 days of writing and recording alongside 4 other musicians at Sanctuary Art of Sound Studios. They took to the stage as new young hopefuls ‘Oblivion’. This culminated in a headlining show featuring 10 original songs in front of a crowd of more than 800 at Watford's Colosseum which led to the band being featured on BBC Three Counties radio and a feature article being published in the Observer. After an arguably successful 2 years, the band decided to go separate ways late 2006.

From the ashes of ‘Oblivion’, Matt Mure came to the front of the stage becoming lead vocalist and guitarist for his new band ‘The Departed’. In their 3 years, they played over 200 shows through London and the Home Counties to crowds of more than 700 in venues from The Horn St.Albans to Camden Lock’s legendry Caenarvon Castle.

In 2009, whilst busy writing his own material, he featured on Hackney-based rapper Wonderboy’s indie/grime crossover track ‘Queen Of Hearts’, produced by Anthony Russell at Rising Tide Studios.

Matt continued to write and perform in and around London at venues such as Camden’s Proud Galleries, The Boogaloo and The Workshop Hoxton, building on his following as a solo artist and honing his skills as a singer, songwriter and performer.

In 2010, Matt joined up with acclaimed writer and lyricist Anthony Vickers whose past successes include remixing tracks such as Madison Avenue’s ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’ with Dominic Hawken, a top 20 Hit with ‘Not to Blame’ by Alibi and Childliners ‘Gift of Christmas’ which got to No.7 in the UK charts in 1995. The intention was originally to see if the team were able to write and work together. After a very successful first session, they’ve continued to demo more than 10 songs and have started the process of recording and producing the tracks with established Balkan beats and electronic music producer Luca Gatti (Dr.Cat). More recently, award-winning creative music company Delicious Digital have taken an interest in Matt's song ‘Kind Of Curious Love Scene’, agreeing to produce and record the track as well as featuring a live set by Matt Mure at the Delicious Digital Halloween Party to an industry crowd with great response.

2011 sees bigger and better things as Matt continues to write, record and perform. With more sessions with Delicious Digital pending, a full set ready to perform and regular recording sessions with Luca Gatti, its set to be a year of great work and hopefully great success.

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2005 "8:58" Oblivion
2008 Queen of Hearts Wonderboy ft. Matt Mure

Set List

Connect With Me
Long Live The Clones
Long Pause
Round Of Three
Kind Of Curious Love Scene
Eyes Like Fire
Episode One
Sleep Tonight