Matt Nasi

Matt Nasi

 Englewood, Colorado, USA

Give an 18 year-old John Mayer, Jack Johnson, and Pete Yorn's debut albums the summer before heading to college and let marinate for 6 years. What you get is an emotive singer/songwriter who's style ranges from James Brown funk to Nick Drake's heart with a voice likened to that of Chris Robinson.


Born into a musical family, it wasn't a matter of if the bug would bite Matt Nasi, but when. Picking up his first guitar at 7 years old, his brother and father proved to be great role models as far as style and grace on the strings went. When his teen years rolled around, Matt found himself in a small town with little to do. He immersed himself in music as a means of escape and an alternative to getting into trouble. After a band or two in high school, he found his niche with an acoustic guitar in a dorm room at Northern Arizona University. With influences from John Mayer to Marvin Gaye, Matt is a self-confessed eclectic whose ipod holds everything from Miles Davis to Slipknot. Upon graduating from college and moving back to Colorado with his wife, Ashley, Matt had quite enough life experience to act as the foundation for his songwriting. His Apple laptop proved to be an invaluable tool in his writing and mixing of songs. He has played at some of Denver's most respected venues such as the Soiled Dove, the Walnut Room, the Toad Tavern and others. He has opened for such acts as Matt Moon, Zack Hexum, Brandon Rodgers and Dave McGraw. He is constantly working on new material and finding inspiration from his home state, family, and friends. "It's cheaper than therapy and I don't get odd looks for singing on the couch."

Set List

Borrowed Steps
Tire Slide
Sun Belt
Mountain Air
Upon a Time, Once
Last Good Hit
Our Country
Level Ground
Radio Nostalgia
Just Desserts
Flipping Pillows
Last Good Hit
More Than I'll Ever Be

Possible Covers:
Paulo Nutini
Stevie Wonder
Marvin Gaye
The Black Crowes
Bill Withers
Stevie Ray Vaughn