Matt Nasi Band

Matt Nasi Band


Born of equal parts cinephiles and audiophiles, the Matt Nasi Band is a Pop Rock creation with parents stemming from Stevie Wonder to GuyRichie, and Bonnie Raitt to Brigitte Nielsen. Whether it's an acoustic Apéritif or an effect cornucopia, The Matt Nasi Band will soothe your musical pangs.


This unlikely caldron began brewing after Matt Nasi made his rounds as a solo Singer/Songwriter in college and was faced with the realization of getting a real job after graduation. Little did he know that within the cubicles and staff meetings of his real jobs he would meet his band. Between an account manager, a production artist, a designer, an art director, an illustrator, and a public relations ninja, the band could assemble its own ad agency… but it won't. Instead they are focused on the infiltration through amplification and reverberation into your heart vibrations (palpitations). Their freshman full length effort "Anticiption" runs the gamut of styles from soul to synth anthems inspired by the limitless influences of the band's members.



Written By: Matt Nasi Band

Once you know‚
what it feels like to fall‚
you swear‚ about you you'll keep your wits.
When all the sensations‚
and minor frustrations‚
bleed into one the harder that you hit.

I'll tell myself I'll learn what hurts.
A broken stone falls twice as hard.

When my hands stop shaking,
and my eyes can reawaken,
And the beauty of it all can take effect.
I learn every time I stumble
when a scream always becomes a mumble.
Seein' nothing but trees
until I rise above the green.

Better to have had
and have lost than not at all
but only if for it you're the wiser.
Cause love can give you wings
and pick you up over everything
but know that if the wings give way‚
you're bound for the ground.

I am only as strong‚
as the lessons I've learned from.



Written By: Matt Nasi Band

Rain, it fell just the other day.
Been a while since the ground
got a drink from the clouds.
Shoes got dirty as I was making my way.
The impression I left wasn't like
the one you left on my heart.

Quite the unlikely comparison
between the soft soil
and the way you've impacted me.
Just shows how a footprint
can wash away with time.
But for you, there's a place in my heart
long after you leave.

You've been etched
deep within my stone
And though time will grind it down
you will always see your name
As the one true definition of my all.
You will be with me
long after the skies fall.

The prints we leave
everywhere we turn
tell of all our wrongs
and we own every single line.
The marks we make
show what we have touched.
And I've got yours
And I know that you've got mine.

I can't wash away what you are
baby, I don't wanna try.
How can one dispose of the nature of a spark
and thus, turn out the light?


Unsafe and Sound

Written By: Matt Nasi Band

Open your eyes at a high rate of speed.
tears will come forth when you see that it's all you need.
To make you feel like a true airborne king
and realize impermanence lies in everything

Take a step slow
just so you feel
the warmth in your toes.
As if to steal
the currency of
abandon in love
and say, "I'm not safe‚
but I'm okay. I'm okay"

Watch as the air seems to tear through the wheat.
Silent becomes vibrant and whistles symphonies
of just how small, full of gall we can be
with no never mind to be kind but I do believe.

We'll come around
with arguments sound
crisp air to breathe.
Riding the backs
and learning the facts
to say, "I'm not safe‚
but I'm okay. I'm okay"

I'm not safe
but I'm okay. I'm okay

The Wait

Written By: Matt Nasi Band

Clear things up‚
I thought that we had already.
Made you up‚
like a princess in my head.
Countless talks
without ever saying a thing.
Aimless walks
in one place,
one still place.

Laid it out‚
on a line I thought was drawn
in the sand
but never could you cross it.
Late night call
you say you wanna see me
and without a stall
I'm here
Counting down the minutes, but...

I won't be waiting
'til dawn
so don't leave me waiting.
I won't be staying
for long
so don't ask me to stay.

Stars leave tracks
across the veins of the heavens.
I had your back
through it all
But you won't give me a call.
rush of air
that would smell better if you were
But you leave me
Waiting here, well

Stay Stay‚ Don't ask me to stay.


Anticipation (Full Length Debut)

Bolder Boulder Bootlegs Vol. 10 (Compilation)

Acoustic Circus Vol. 3 (Compilation)

Set List

1 Anticipation
2 Mumbles
3 Impact
4 Unsafe
5 Measure
6 Cold Front
7 Get Found
8 Curtains
9 The Wait
10 Borrowed Steps
11 Just Desserts
12 Upon a Time Once
13 More Than I'll Ever Be
14 Mountain Air
15 Striker
16 Vetting
17 Just Be
18 hard to read
19 Sun Belt