Matt Parris / Fruit Of Choice

Matt Parris / Fruit Of Choice


Award winning songwriting and world class musicians weave a strong, intricate soundscape that has elements of soul, folk, and rock. All channeled through a truly original and honest medium that leaves no doubt that this music is alive in today.


Fresh, organic, ready for harvest ... Fruit of Choice debut EP ‘Vow’ hits the shelves of your local music-mart this week. Brainchild of writer/performer and Asheville native Matt Parris, Fruit of Choice cultivates a collection of tunes infused with enough variety to satisfy the most demanding and diverse musical palate. Discerning listeners might detect hints of Joni Mitchell, Al Green, shades of Segovia, even tinges of Jeff Buckley and Zeppelin, but above all, Vow serves up a bounty of sound that resonates its own sincerity and originality.

The panel of professional judges at "Song of the Year", including Norah Jones agree. The international songwriting contest recently bestowed its stamp of approval on the song "Once Again" in their latest contest, sending "Once Again" to compete for 2005 Song of the Year. Follow it yourself at to see if it, ahem, bears fruit.

For Parris, Vow has been a two-year immersion in writing and crafting the many influences of his past. "When I was eight I was walking down an old country road with my grandma and found a tape of Prince’s Controversy in the weeds. What are the chances? Don’t know, but I wore that tape out. That Christmas I got Iron Maiden’s Piece of Mind and Don McLean’s American Pie. I loved those just as much, and those completely different artists kind of represent the range of possibilities I wanted to explore with Vow." And that he does, with a distinctive voice that openly shares thoughtful, reflective lyrics and a tapestry of electric and acoustic guitar work that knows precisely when to strike and, as importantly, when to retreat.

"Range" understates the world-class talent joining Parris on Vow. All twelve tracks are graced with River Guerguerian's masterful percussion. The tune "I'm Free" epitomizes his touch ... bold and intricate, yet unhurried and consistent. A highly respected musician, Guerguerian has performed and recorded with the diverse likes of Ziggy Marley,Gipsy Kings, the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Tan Dun, and NewBand/Harry Partch Ensemble. Chris Rosser's work on keys adds an airy dimension to the tunes "No Less Broken" and "Walking Away." At times, Rosser's keys resonate subtly but still manage to make the mix breathe and transition so evenly. Also a prolific producer, Vow co-production and co-engineering credits go to Rosser. Bassist Grant Cuthbertson rounds out the Fruit of Choice rhythm equation. His thick and flowing grooves on "Angel" and "Asking Tomorrow" leave no doubt Cuthbertson knows exactly where he's going, making it a joy to join him on the ride. And hey diddle diddle, Joe Ebel's fiddle just plain works on Vow. His tasteful texturing on tunes like "Once Again" sings get-down rather than hoe-down, and obviously perked panelist's ears at Song of the Year.

Innovative and varied tunes, award-winning songwriting, and highly-accomplished talent certainly make Fruit of Choice one of the freshest choices on Asheville's music market. Join the band in Asheville on August 13 at Sky People Gallery to celebrate the release of Vow. A regional tour will follow, including both full-band dates and more intimate acoustic performances.
One last thought. Don't press stop before your Vow bonus track boots up. It offers another poignant taste of the genre-bending diversity that is Fruit of Choice.


Once Again

Written By: Matt Parris

Meet with me under the branches of moonlit trees.
Open like the dark sky with no need to ask why this peace should be so hard to find...hoping not to have to go and find.

Dreams that we both have of finding a love that is free...
awoken by protection, the scars will not let in the love that could soothe inside...looking like we'll have to fight the tide.

Well I don't think you heard me, I'll say it once again, you already
have my heart. You already have my heart.

Can't you see i need no half truths or sympathy? Its whatever you want to let in, that's where we'll begin, but there has to be room for what we'll find. With faith I know I'll sway your guarded mind.

Now my hand's on the key and it won't turn, but now who's denying me? Images of battle that seep from free castles and mesh with the tears of the wise...lingering in the face of my disguise.

Well I wish I could say with all honesty 'We got nothing but time', but the earth of this garden will soon start to harden without faith
in the rain.

I don't think you heard me, I'll say it once again, you already have
my heart. You already have my heart.Take my hand, feel what we can.


Fruit of Choice "Vow"

Set List

All songs are original material except for; The Rain Song, Come Rain or Come Shine, and Big Blue Sea

Sets are between 1 hour and 1 hour 15 minutes

Set 1;
1.Soliloquy 2.Divine 3.Asking Tomorrow 4.I'm Free
5.High Above 6.Shadows 7.No Less Broken 8.The Getaway 9.Take A Chance 10. Low To The Ground

Set 2;
1.Immortality 2.Once Again 3.Angel 4.The Rain Song
5.Something True 6.Come Rain or Come Shine 7.Big Blue Sea 8.Turnaround 9.Treetops 10.Sunshine Revelation