Matt Paxton

Matt Paxton


The intricate arrangements let Paxton’s voice smolder without losing the listener. The beautiful sounds give him the time he needs to draw you in with his emotions. Paxton is a natural story teller and his songs create those hard to forget, snapshots in time.


"Back Home in the Village" (2009) was recorded at Vibewrangler Studio

Produced by Michael Keire and Glen Marshall (Feist, Apostle of Hustle)

The debut 10-track offering has a 'New York Greenwich Village circa 1963" meets present-day working class steeltown' vibe, and includes fan favourites Down the Mountain as a Train, My Love (Comes from the End of the Road), Those Old Red Moons, and the cutting ballad about hometown Hamilton, City of Smoke. "My music is more of a slide show of thoughts and memories," says Paxton. "Each recording changes song after song, but still manages to have a certain thread linking to one another. I enjoy writing songs to document time, stories and experiences, and taking a listener on a trip."

Paxton has played many shows across the Canadian landscape, sharing bills with Blackie & The Rodeo Kings, Tom Wilson, Jason Collett, Peter Elkas, Elliott Brood, Apostle of Hustle, Chad VanGaalen and Cuff The Duke among others.

World-renowned session guitarist Bill Dillon is a big fan of Paxton's singing and songwriting, and commented that "City of Smoke, for example, is the kind of song you should hear on the radio today. "Coming from someone who has recorded with the likes of Joni Mitchell and Robbie Robertson, it's quite an acknowledgement," says Paxton "We went into this project knowing we wanted to record a full album, but we didn't have all the content ready at the time. It's been a work in progress, evolving through the recording process."

During the 12 months at Vibewrangler, Paxton and his producers regularly uploaded videos, photos, different versions of rough mixes to online destinations. "We tried to keep things fresh, always updating the blogs, music posts and websites," says Paxton. "We made sure listeners and fans could see and hear exactly what we were up to all along the way."

The new music paradigm has allowed people around the world to access Paxton's songs – people who otherwise in the conventional corporate-dominated recording-distribution process, would not be able to find his music at all. "It has allowed listeners and fans to be indirectly part of the recording process," says producer Michael Keire "At the same time, Matt has expanded his fan base and provided them with much more than a single CD of 10 songs. They've been able to watch and hear the evolution of his songs and his songwriting. It's an incredible experience for the artist, for the fans, and for all of us working with Matt."


Hand Drawn Maps EP (Put on Your Drinking Cap Records) - 2006

Back Home in the Village LP (Down By The Point Records) - October 2009

Until the Sky Begins to Change LP (Down By The Point Records) - March 2010

Set List

1. Keep Her Away From The Window (Paxton)
2. Dear Babe (Paxton)
3. River Isn't Wide (Paxton)
4. My Love (Comes From The End Of The Road) (Paxton)
5. Until The Sky Begins To Change (Paxton)
6. Acid Tongue (Jenny Lewis)
7. Corrina, Corrina (Bob Dylan)
8. Mountains Of Music (Paxton)
9. Girl In The War (Josh Ritter)
10. Devil Town (Daniel Johnston)
11. Rolling In The Dark (Paxton)