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Written By: Matthew Powell

I left the office 'round a quarter to midnight
Made my way home under gaslight and snow
Just as I reached my door I heard a haunting chuckle
A little troubled I proceeded on through

The eerie silence almost swallowed me completely
Fumbled around for a match I could light
And when it struck I found I needn't have been lonely
For peering at me was a menacing sight

He pierced the shadows with a jawbone and a cold word
My dead acquaintance had some advice for me:
"You'd better ease up on your jagged condescension,
Or you will end up chilled and chained up like me."

I thought I'd eaten something less than harmonious
He wasn't finished and he spat out this treat:
"I'm not the last one who will scare you like the Dickens,
Gather your wits because you’ll need them times three."

Take it easy ghost
I'm not that bad
Find someone else at whom to wag your boney finger
Take it easy ghost
Your moment you've had
Go and be righteous in somebody else's pad

When he had gone the room became a little brighter
I climbed upstairs hoping to sleep it away
I'd have been happy to defer the case ‘til morning
But as it turned out I was not to have my say

Just as I put my slightly worried head to pillow
Another spirit came to dig up the past
He said that once I’d cast a decent younger shadow
He said that once I’d had some friends that held fast


That spirit was replaced by yet another ghosty
Who was ill-suited by the rags that he wore
And he alleged that others felt that I was lonely
And he suggested that I give to the poor

I laughed and said "Now sir, I think you've got me all wrong
What’s mine is mine; you must assume I'm quite dense
I don't fill up my days just working for the worthless
When my night comes perhaps I'll give a few cents”


In truth despite my words I’d been a little shaken
Quite frankly I’d been stirred and needed a drink
This consternation delegation had disturbed me
A night of see-through guests can make a guy think

The last of three blew in without so much as warning
Without a face; without a voice I could hear
Showed me my assets would be strewn about the city
Showed me when I was done no one would shed tears

He made me cower at the very edge of crazy
He was the worst of the whole morbid crew
Don’t know just when he left ‘cuz things just went all hazy
My life ahead was the last thing I knew

Starting that morning I began to smile at people
I bought a turkey and I gave up being foul
I took up dancing just to keep from being rigid
I have more spirit now and no longer scowl

(Chorus Repeat Fade Out)