Matt Rake

Matt Rake


Music for the sake of making music.


The only thing that sets my music apart from anyone else's is it's mine. Not better or worse than anyone else's. I'm not here to sell anything. I just want my songs to be heard. They've helped me grow and learn as a person , and I owe them the chance to be listened to.


"Matt Rake EP" -2006
"Breathe Up Here" - 2007
"If Only It were True"- 2007
"The Slow Pull of Gravity"-2008
"Beauty Seperates" - 2009
" Title TBD" 2010

Set List

They change each show generally. I do alot of original material and occasional covers include jeff Buckley, The Hoosiers, 4 Non Blondes, The Verve Pipe, Weezer, etc.