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"Pentecostal Pasta Salad" 2007



"I’d probably still be a virgin if it wasn't for Rock n' Roll. I’m five-four, of hillbilly-German decent, and everything’s working against me. If it hadn’t of been for Rock n’ Roll, I can’t say I’d even know how to use my libido," says the soon-to-be-famous (and already infamous) rocker, Matt Reasor. "I grew up in the ‘80s with blatant excess and just over-the-top shit."

The madman is back this year, with a bunch of nuts, in a new band - Matt REASOR & The MADNESS! They’re breaking all the rules and busting out of their tradition-bound hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A. Reasor, who once ran with an L.A. based country-raucous band, High Or Hellwater, has a new debut album with his new musical outfit, entitled “Pentecostal Pasta Salad”.

When the band plays live it's ‘party-people’ time. Alcohol is usually involved as fans try to drink each other interesting or cute. The band attracts the usual suspects – shit-kickers, rednecks, music lovers – but not too many of the little weirdoes in black, taking careful notes. Not yet, anyway. Even as Reasor leads the party like a guitar-slinging shaman, the grounded and focused showman knows that the music is what's really driving his party.

Along with Reasor, the other nutzo members of the band make it three-for-three as to being both truly & totally insane Nashville natives. Backing frantic front-man and guitar god Reasor, there’s Barry Daniel on bass and Tucker Tamble is the drummer - it's a Nashville Rock n' Roll nightmare waiting to happen.

"Man, it is all Nashville natives, born and raised; and that's rare," says Reasor. "When people meet a Nashville native, it’s always, 'Wow, you’re the first one I’ve ever met.’ We’ve been in various bands, but we have a really tight unit that grew up in the hub of Country music and wants to create our own scene and vibe. We rehearse over this kick ass country bar and a lot of our friends come up to drink beer and smoke, you know, cigarettes and watch us play. Next thing you know, we've got club shows and a record out and a Myspace site; we never meant to play for anyone but our pals who needed some madness mixed into their pure 'Country Music' existence."

Now, we all know that Nashville is the capitol of Country music and that like Los Angeles can be a tough place to play Rock and Roll. People go to shows to be seen, not necessarily to listen and they 'want their Country damn it', but sadly only get bad attempts at a pop/Country fusion of cliches. Naturally, Reasor and his pals are going against the grain by not being a straight-ahead country band where most alternative bands make it in Nashville by skedaddling elsewhere. Yep, leaving town is the normal course - a course that Reasor has taken before with his life-long best friend and coconspirator, Shooter Jennings. (The Country star who co-writes, plays guitar, and even sings on "Never Work In This Town Again" on "Pentecostal Pasta Salad" (a song about Nashville’s Country music scene and its ridiculous-cape-wearing-big-Country-crap-outs).

"Shooter and I lived together in L.A.; we had bands together here (Nashville) and tried to play legitimate Rock n’ Roll here and it was an endless, endless upstream battle; so we took our projects elsewhere," says Reasor. "I moved to New York, then he moved to L.A. and later I joined him there as Stargunn disbanded and High or Hellwater formed. Shortly after the demise of Stargunn, Shooter regrouped with the .357's, all L.A. dudes and a couple that passed through the High or Hellwater circus. I think a lot of that band's sound remains in both his current success and my new band. We get some residual Shooter fans, too – those are our rednecks or shit kickers - 'Hey, where’s ol' Shooter?’ is their usual call to the stage, or by the van. I love it."

"So far, there’s been no proof that anyone can make it as a rock band out of Nashville (sorry emo dudes), but there’s some activity here with rock these days," he continues. "I can name bands that have made it along the way like Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies or Jason & The Scorchers; but now, Jack White lives here. The Raconteurs live here. Ben Folds lives here. All those glam-rockers from the ‘80s, like Cinderella; they all live here."

Matt Reasor & The MADNESS! plan to keep the wheel steady and the party flowing as they've recently booked a string of fall tour-dates in the Southeast, including an October show opening for Shooter Jennings in Birmingham, Alabama. Jennings also recently insisted that Reasor dawn his trademark red "Nudie Suit" for the Country star's newest music video, not surprisingly a rock-cover of the Dire Straits' classic, "Walk of Life". The video is all over CMT and the internet as Reasor laughs and smiles along, small dog in hand, waving to the people.

The future looks bright as The Madness is spreading like a disease caught in 1982 somewhere in the old Nashville warehouse district. With nearly over 2000 Myspace friends and growing, great revi