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Matt Roberts

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Written By: Matt Roberts

Gentle morning kiss my eye,
Another night has passed me by.
Encased in cotton I'm a prince of fading slumber,
I rule the comfort zone, alright.

And after all that has been taken off of me
I am the king of all the pillows I can see.

Delicious moments floating past,
I am alone in static dance.
A wise man said, "I'm only sleeping," so I am.
Am I waking up to fast?

Of all the pleasent places I have ever been
This is the only place that I would like to be.
So if you see me like this, take a tip from me,
Don't try to wake me honey

Im just floating past (x4)

You can keep your early start,
I'm sure it plays up with my heart.
I'll just concentrate on breathing in and out,
Doing nothing is an art

I know I'm not the only one who feels this way,
Redirect my calls because I'm sleeping in today.
Don't try and wake me honey

I'm just floating past (x4)