Matt Roberts Group

Matt Roberts Group


Mix of JAZZ and WORLD music driven by ferocious guitar work, a virtuosic rhythm section and female vocalist. "an ecclectic session that will turn heads". Often compared with Pat Metheny Group and Mahavishnu Orchestra.


Matt Roberts is an ambitious young guitarist with a passion for composing creative original music, all with a purpose beyond the notes. He combines influences from World music (particularly Brazilian and African) and Jazz, integrating philosophical poetry about connection with the universe and human kind's true nature- all with the goal in mind to inspire life and human imagination.


Faith of My Own

Written By: Matt Roberts

True souls live long lives
Dreamers don't die
Mother holds her child
She sings gentle as can be
Tear Drops paint my face
Angels watchin' over me

This world is like no other world
Have you ever felt-
the love this life can bring

You'll see shooting stars
You'll feel laughter
Mother loves her son
Daughter holds her father's thumb

(guitar solo)

This world is like no other world
Have you ever felt
the love this life can bring

My faith is this world of ours

Angels watchin' from the sky
Watchin' from the sky
whisperin' lullaby

This faith is my own


Faith of My Own (2006)
Life Stages (2001)

Set List

typical sets are 1 to 1 and a half hours.

Calypso Manifesto
Con Meu Amigo Sandro
Faith of My Own
21st Century Bohemian
I used to be a Rockstar
Covers: modern versions of jazz standards or our rendition of mainstream songs, such as "Crash into me"- Dave Matthews Band