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Up-beat, mid-tempo, tounge-in-cheek rock. Song titles like i luv u britney spears and milk man which is about, well, a milk man. This reminds me a lot of The Presidents of the United States of America - a "fingers-crossed your back" pop-rock that's done well enough to be tolerable. Musically these guys are right on, and song structure keeps you around from song to song. Lyrical content is fun at times, hysterical at others, and all around saves this album from being another "I lost my girl" or "my heart weeps" collection of boredom. | SW - Seth Werkheiser

The Matt Sandy Band is based in New York City and has headlined in venues around New York and in San Francisco. In February of this year I reviewed their three song EP. There wasn't much information about them on their website at that time and there still isn't. So I still don't know if there is a Matt Sandy, or a Matt and a Sandy. It doesn't matter. Their local fans know. Their music should be their identity anyway.

MSB's music is good live stage rock and roll. The lyrics are about everything from war, the danger of air travel, and of all things, Brittany Spears. Except for a couple songs with obviously satirical lyrics, like "I Love You Brittany Spears," many of the songs on this CD are serious efforts, worthy of more notice. I especially liked "Anna Come Back Anna," "Night Was Calling You," and "Take Another." I think "Love Soldier" probably is the best example of what the band's live shows are like.

MSB has a lot of promise and I hope for them that they get the chance to take their show beyond New York and gain a wider audience.

Key Track: Love Soldier

Reviewed by: Keith Quillen
- Keith Quillen



Feeling a bit camera shy


On a recent, breezy Sunday early morning, Matt, an avid East River fisherman who writes and records a song a day, was spotted on Pier 17. "Specimens, life forms, and pathogens find unusual, passionate circumstances in the river," he elaborates shortly after pulling out a sock and a NY Yankees cap, "But it's when a tugboat passes overhead that the fruits of nature swirl underneath to absorb the colors of New York City's perpetual and primordial struggle for enlightenment."

Indeed, Matt's foray into music can be described as a perpetual and primordial struggle. "To go on writing is to go on discovering," he opines, "the loves of my life have never loved me back, this is not my therapy, it's not an outlet, it's not even personal-writing a song is just something I know how to do, and I'll keep doing it no matter what because it's my air."

His views have never been conventional, and his conventions have never been viewed. "Life's a losing proposition. all odds are against a single human being. So we team up, we form cliques, groups, societies, but this new body comes into conflict with others. We go to war, we believe OUR point of view is the right point of view, we're rich, wealthy, strong, and we get our way. Because we love to compete, and be number one. I was always hoping for a global community, where we, as a people, are one. But hope's not a winning strategy. 'Things just happen on their own', but they never do. It always takes one person to make a difference-whether that person is fabricated or not. It is time for a global leader, an individual with enough breadth, experience, and wisdom to inspire the globe to come together, becoming a New York City on a grand, unfathomed scale. I'm tired of finding body parts and dead souls in the atrocious East River, and know that our rivers can be blue like the Aegean and that life can be a truly amazing experience for everyone." Amen.