Matt Scuderi's music is rich and colourful in sounds, moving and inspirational in lyrics and an overall pleasure to listen and sing along to! Nobody combines pop, rap and digital music with educational children's content better than Matt Scuderi!


Matt Scuderi holds a Bachelors Degree in Communications and Digital Media from York University, where he focused his studies on pop culture, creative/songwriting and digital music recording, editing and composition.

Matt has written, recorded and performed catchy and educational children's songs for his local Government, Police Districts and non-profit organizations on topics such as recycling/composting, internet Safety and the importance of good character.


Understood in Hollywood

Written By: Matt Scuderi

You and me, can’t you see, we’re meant to make history! So
Take your shot, chase your dreams, or live a life of mystery!

Hollywood, Hollywood, we were meant for Hollywood,
Hollywood - trust me - we’ll be understood in Hollywood.

Don’t be late, don’t delay,
Don’t try to procrastinate, cuz
This is it, this is fate,
Head down to the Golden State,

Hollywood, Hollywood, life is good in Hollywood,
Hollywood - trust me - you’ll be understood in Hollywood.

(Verse 1)
Don’t be shy, don’t deny,
That you want to touch the sky, cuz
Now’s the chance, now’s the time,
You’ve got a mountain to climb,

Hollywood, Hollywood, you belong in Hollywood,
Hollywood – you’ll be understood in Hollywood.

Leave your work, leave your cares,
Bring your finest underwear,
Take a chance, take a dare,
All your friends will stop and stare,

Hollywood, Hollywood, some are meant for Hollywood,
Hollywood – trust me - you’ll be understood in Hollywood!

(Verse 2)
Board a bus, board a train,
Board one of those giant planes or
Drive a car, drive a crane,
Get rid of that ball and chain,

Hollywood, Hollywood, life awaits in Hollywood,
Hollywood – trust me - you’ll be understood in Hollywood!

Grab your coat, grab your hat,
Kiss your dog and kiss your cat
Take a pee, take a "shat",
Tell your mom and tell your dad,

Hollywood, Hollywood, Mom I’m off to Hollywood,
Hollywood – dad I’ll talk to you from Hollywood!

(Verse 3)
All I’m hearing is:

Hollywood this, Hollywood that,
Hollywood hills and Hollywood flats,

Hollywood films, Hollywood raps,
Hollywood music - I’m all about that,

But Hollywood ain’t the lone place on the map,
Hollywood’s far so let’s tighten the gap,
I’ll tell you what Hollywood means to me,
Hollywood’s anywhere you wanna be.