matt seaton

matt seaton


When people ask me what kind of music I listen to, I say "good music." When they ask me what style of music I play, I respond, "whatever sounds good," or "whatever I can write." I eat, drink, and breathe music. It is my life.


Matt Seaton has been a musician all of his life, beginning as a member of church and youth choirs, to today being known as a "jack of all trades." He has been a part of several musical groups, worked as a solo artist, and is the founder of Hey,Scotty! Records and owner of Hey,Scotty! Studios. Matt is a clasically trained vocalist, and self-taught instrumentalist. Though only twenty-one years of age, he has written and co-written over 100 songs and has been performing to audiences for 8 years, ranging in sizes from one person to a thousand.

Matt began his career in music as a solo artist at the age of thirteen. Using his late father's acoustic guitar, and the many books on music theory at his disposal, Matt taught himself to first play the guitar, next piano, and eventually many other instruments that were made available to him. Before long, Matt was writing a steady stream of music, ranging from folk, acapella choir arrangements, rock & roll, and electronic dance.

Matt has been influenced my many artists and styles of music. Having been raised on a mixture of classical music and eighties pop, his biggest influences have been the Beatles, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Harry Connick Jr., Erasure, the Cure, They Might Be Giants, and "Weird Al" Yankovic.

In addition to being a solo artist, Matt has been a part of several bands and groups. The first was an acoustic group called the Tekno-color Corn Flakes. Although short-lived, there was a handful of his early material for this whimsical, "They Might Be Giants" inspired group that has lived on as some of his favorite work. Matt soon landed a "front-man" position in the Brandon Carmody Band as guitarist and lead vocalist. Though only in this group for a year, he learned the skills of playing with a full band, recording in professional studios, P.R. and promotional work, and realised his desire to write and perform his own music instead of only singing someone elses.

The majority of Matt's work has been with two groups. The first of these was the rock band Ivy League Dropouts. Matt was a part of this band for 4 years, in which he played many instruments, and acted not only as "front-man" and songwriter, but also as lead guitarist and often backing vocals to the other songwriter, Tyler Kirk. Together and with the other members, Ivy League Dropouts wrote, performed, and recorded some of Matt's best work to date.

Matt has spent years in these other groups, but throughout them all, his main creative outlet has always been with his friend and business partner, Kevin Mankins. With his help, Matt founded Hey,Scotty! Records and built Hey,Scotty! Studios. They have written, performed, and recorded music together for six years, and continue to do so today.


Matt Seaton:
-Treatment for Urinary Tract Infection (1999)
-I Gotta Eat Too! (EP 2003)

Brandon Carmody Band:
-Deflater (EP 2000)
-Take Me In (single 2000)

Ivy League Dropouts:
-Sleeping Beauty (single 2002)
-Melvin (EP 2003)

-6 Days of Not Eating Well and Not Sleeping (2003)
-That's Why We Don't Have Nice Things (2004)

Set List

Depending on the venue and the occasion, my set list can be as short as one song or three hours long. Some covers i have been know to perform are as follows:
-Parinoid Android by Radiohead
-Street Spirit by Radiohead
-Grace by Jeff Buckley
-Lover, You Should Have Come Over by Jeff Buckley
-Self Called Nowhere by They Might Be Giants
-Rooster by Alice In Chains
-Your Song by Elton John
-Bullet With Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins
-The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnisota
by "Weird Al" Yankovic