Matt Silver & Friends

Matt Silver & Friends


Mellow, Dramatic, Exciting, Powerful, Everything. Its Pop Rethought With Punk/Alternative undertones sometimes, its very love oriented, its music that makes you feel good.


I started writing music when I was 13 and since then I've definitely discovered my sound, who I am as a musician & as a person. I'm very driven and love performing. During 2008-2009 I went to Australia where i wrote most of the songs for my album "If Only We Knew", then flew back to Canada to record, following its release i returned to Australia to promote it. I'm now back in Canada trying to promote it here while working on my 2nd album. My current goal is to tour Canada as well as to play as many shows as possible.


"If Only We Knew" - Sept 18th 2009
"O.R.I.O.N." - TBA - 2010

Set List

Our Feature Motion Picture
Unfinished Business
I'll Be Okay
If Only We Knew
I'm Still Alive
Best Friend Last Friend
I Love You
Heart In Hand