Matt Skinner

Matt Skinner

 Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

An accomplished guitarist and singer/songwriter tempered with a savage thread and a cultivated tenor; deep and beautiful aristry draped in vivid images of love, pain and sincerity woven whimiscally with an acceptance of the present and optimistic vision of the future.


The Nighthawk

A musician, singer, songwriter, artist and traveler, Matt follows the traditional path of the ‘poet and a one-man band’ where he holds fast to artistic integrity and truth with each note. A native of the Big Bend of Texas, graced with a keen eye for detail and imagery and coupled with a powerful, cultivated tenor voice, Skinner commands any stage with a tender ferocity and presence that is spellbinding in its organic honesty and mercurial resonance.

“That smooth, powerful tenor drawl that evokes the best of both Kings: country legend George Strait and rockabilly legend Elvis.”


Matt truly captures the raw spirit of music and creates a harmonious magic with stoic elegance and infectious passion seldom seen in the modern entertainment climate taking audiences worldwide on a thrilling, emotional carnival ride of each evening’s performance.

Matt has released three solo albums, Four Winds (2001), The Nighthawk Affair (2007) and Live at StoneCringe: Vol I (2009) on Tapadero Productions label and one independent rock EP, Four Day March (2010) with the supergroup, Eleven Bones, and is currently completing recording new material for a full-length album Native Stranger to be released in Spring/Summer 2013.


Native Stranger

Scheduled for release in Spring/Summer 2013. Recorded mostly at Stout Studios in Fort Collins, CO with the finest musicians in Northern Colorado with some old friends from Texas joining in. The first album of all original music including "One Left in the Chamber" written with Corb Lund.

Live at StoneCringe: Vol. I

Released 2009 A live concert recorded in South Austin, TX featuring some of the most renowned musicians, engineers, designers, and fans in town!!!

The Nighthawk Affair

Released 2007 An organic ride through the emotional pitfalls of love and danger from start to finish. The Nighthawk Affair was recorded at Cedar Creek Recording in Austin, TX centered on Matt Skinner's songwriting and guitar work masterfully blended with the artistry of the kids in the neighborhood.

Four Winds

2001 Release. First full-length recording of original music and a few choice covers that were popular with the band at the time. A mixture of western swing, country-blues and singer/songwriter power that marks the beginning of Matt's recording career.

Four Day March

2010 Release This EP is a product of a European Tour disaster in which two of the group were seriously injured in two separate accidents. "We finally have a band name!" says bass player Adam Odor from a hospital bed in Italy.