Matt Smith

Matt Smith


Matt Smith is a roots, blues and world music singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist specializing in acoustic, electric and slide guitars, and mandolin family intsruments.


Matt Smith is a contemporary Canadian Roots Songwriter, Singer and Multi-Instrumentalist. Matt has now released a second album of his unique brand of Canadian Roots music. In this prolific songwriter and instrumentalist's sophomore recording, one finds 14 new gems.
Matt's vocal stylings always cut to the core of the lyric with sincerity and purity of tone. His acoustic and electric slide guitar work as well as his mandolin playing are inarguably world class. His adeptness in a variety of acoustic guitar styles in addition to his abilities in fingerstyle and flatpicked guitar are that of a dedicated and intuitive musician and the list goes on to include 5-string banjo as well as a traditional Greek instrument called the Baglamas.
Whether it's as a single entertainer on acoustic guitar, National steel guitar, mandolin and harmonica or, as a sideman for some of Canada's foremost entertainers, Matt Smith is an open channel for World Roots music. In 2006 to 2007, Matt was featured on mandolin and slide guitars with world music group Galitcha on their second recording,"Blé d'Inde Celebration", and as part of their live show.
From 2004 to 2005, he played mandolin and guitar as a sideman for Harry Manx, headlining many major Canadian Folk and Blues festivals and concert venues. Matt has also had the pleasure of sharing stages with many other Roots musicians including Morgan Davis, Ken Whitely, Ian Tamblyn, Downchild Bluesband, David Francey, Dave Gunning, Ken Hamm, Suzie Vinnick, Fred Eaglesmith, Ives Lambert and Jason McCoy. He has taken his single act to open shows for Tower of Power, The Blind Boys of Alabama and Eric Burden and the Animals.
With a natural, friendly and laid back stage presence, audiences get an up close experience of high level musicianship delivered with a genuine "right at home" feel.
Whether you see him as a solo act or as a member of an ensemble, you're sure to hear a large repertoire of original music as well as interpretations and arrangements of a vast number of traditional Blues, Roots and contemporary songs. His sound is buried deep in the Blues while incorporating elements of Rock, Country, Bluegrass, Ragtime, and Various European styles to create a multi-cultural roots sound that is uniquely Canadian and recognizably Matt Smith.


Nobody Gettin' Paid

Written By: Matt Smith

You don’t gotta pay when your heart is true
It should be something that is easy to do
Sometimes it’s better when you don’t need a dime
It’s something called living right and feeling fine

It’s a dozen kids and an old street light
Makin’ up teams and playing all night
In the winter time getting out on the bay
And scrapin’ off a rink – nobody getting’ paid

You know if you wanna have yourself a good time
Where you don’t have to worry or wait in a line
Just live those memories to have and to hold
Nobody getting paid and nothing is owed

These days there’s a price on everything you can see
You’re even paying money for what used to be free
A license for this, and a dollar for a drink
I hope they don’t find a way to tax what we think

It’s safe to say you don’t have to worry ‘bout that
‘Cause you can step aside ‘n bring the good times back
The sun comes up – it’s a brand new day
Relax, slow down, times’ slipping away


I think we should all take a little trip
Back in time just to see what is hip
There’s a few things that you might even learn
When we didn’t have all this money to burn

Like, it didn’t cost much just to give out a smile
Or take a long walk on a moonlight mile
A little less confused about what to do
And a lot more love between the two of you


Well I don’t owe nothing to you
So why do you wanna make up all these troubles to put me through?


It’s a dozen kids and an old street light
Makin’ up teams and playing all night
In the winter time getting out on the bay
and scrapin’ off a rink – nobody getting’ paid


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My sets generally include selections of my original material. I have a vast repertoire of literally hundreds of traditional roots music and contemporary songs from which I also draw.