BandEDMNew Age

I love producing/Remixing tracks!! My music ranges from uplifting melodic/atmospheric Trance through to experimental Electro and Ambient.


DOB - 24/01/1978

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I started playing keyboards when I was very young and have self taught myself with a little help from an elderly piano teacher since. I am a BIG Jean Michel Jarre fan and his influence is quite likely to be heard in some of my electro style records. One of my favourite albums is the Blade Runner soundtrack by Vangelis. It's just to good! I have had 2 records published by a uk music technology magazine and have made chart entries regularly over at One of the records I uploaded there stayed in the chart for 3 months and was the editors top pick. I have 3 albums out at present and am now working on the next. I sell my albums via CDBABY and would like to say they are awesome. They have made all my records available to itunes and many other digital distribution sites. If you need somewhere to sell your cd's please see what they have to offer. (No I don't work for them lol)



Written By: Matthew Peter David Old

Robot 4 reporting
There are no life signs here
This is a Ghostcraft


Electro - 2005
Energize - 2005
Transmission - 2006