Matt South

Matt South


Music is about bringing people together with the feeling of enjoyment. Matt Souths music is like going to the mall food court: So many different styles of foods (genres) under one roof. His live act is like visiting your neighbor friendly bar....where the good times roll and the laughs never stop.


“Warning: Matt South’s debut is likely to incite serious partying. He is such a fun — and original — creative force, you’ll think of the time of your life, wherever and whenever that was……South wrote, performed and mixed everything by his own bad self.” – Colorado Music Buzz

South’s debut record "Cigarettes with White Roses" focuses on the songs meanings and vibe; and not pigeon holing himself into one specific genre. Just like music, food is universal between people and crosses cultural and styles all the time. So here’s his album in a nutshell (excuse the pun) referenced to food:

The Red light District - Chocolate dipped strawberries with whipped cream.
87 – Chips and salsa on a hot and humid day.
Cigarettes and Red Wine - A double cheeseburger at your favorite fast joint.
My Savior – Fondue with a vintage scotch at a horribly lit restaurant.
Save Me – Barbequed Chicken and ribs with a cold beer
Better Times – Your second glass wine while sitting on the porch with friends.
Robbin’ Banks and Groove – The after effects of a Red Bull and a Powerbar.
Freedom – Cookies with an oversize glass of milk.

His true talent lies on the stage. The emotion that is released makes your ears automatically drawn to him and his “one man band” live act makes it very entertaining to watch while his brutal honesty and sarcastic behavior keeps you interested at all times. He believes that music shouldn’t be about how well you hide the flaws or exploited the strengths. It should be about conveying the right emotion at the right time with the right vibe no matter how it comes out.

So from reading this , you to remember one thing. And that is that music is based on the idea of enjoyment and spreading it among others…that’s it, nothing else.


Cigarettes with White Roses [LP]

Set List

Broken Icon, Save me, 87, the red light district, post card lover, cigarettes and red wine. (all originals)

1hr length with ease.