Matt Stinson Band

Matt Stinson Band


Rockin style with a blues twist! Original sound yet with a retro kick. We play some covers from Stevie Ray to Hendrix. The originals are untapped and waiting to be given a chance:) Matts Guitar work at 17 yrs old is undescribable!!


Matt is the story here. He is what I call simply, jaw dropping!! We have played fairs and festivals and EVERYONE stops and just stares when he starts cutting on his strat. People can't believe he is only 17 and can play songs from Stevie to jimmie lick for lick. Not to mention, his original music has drawn nothing but praise from everyone who has heard them. He DEFINITLY has his own style and sound! The musical influences are everywhere from old school blues, to nickleback and beyond. Our music appeals to ALL ages. It would be a poor desicion not to give him a listen at this years Bumbershoot!:)


We have just completed a demo for bookings. We are currently trying to get his stuff out as much as possible. We WILL be compiling originals for a complete CD through the summer. Demos are gladly sent by request.

Set List

We have two hours of material. twenty songs currently. Stevie Ray, Hendrix, a little Skynard, old school covers for half the set. Matts originals the second half. "Long way", Get right" she's mine" just to name a few. He is currently finishing five more.