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4th of July

Written By: matt thie

i met a man at the airport today in omaha,sayin goodbye to a family just like mine, he could barely let go of his mom and his dad and get on the plane, how could somebody be so sad on the 4th of july,
and i asked dad what's his name what's he do and where's he gone,he let the tears fall and he said he's a sodier and he's my son,and the ticket in his hand says afghanistan,kinda brings a whole new meaning,to the 4th of july
and i know my granddaddy served overseas in world war II,but i never even asked him to tell me what it was like, and how could i take this whole damn thing so easily,when so many innocent people have lost thier lives,and for uncle sam,my daddy went to vietnam,kinda brings a whole new meaning,to the 4th of July
for 28 years i've celebrated my freedom, with fireworks blazin and flags a wavin and beer,and for all those years i guess i missed the reason,somebody went away so i could stay here,cause for that flag to fly,somebody had to die,kinda brings a whole new meaning,to the 4th of july