Matt Urmy

Matt Urmy

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

A poet, artist , musician who crosses between Tom Waits and John Prine. A smoking band with lyrics and songs that need repeated listening, and you wil still hear another meaning the next time. Very connected to life and his audience.


Born in New York City, but raised in Tennessee, Matt Urmy walks in the footsteps of many traditions. A troubadour performer and composer, he has two independent album releases, with the third due out in July 2009, and a published book of poetry. At his performances he weaves spoken word poetry into his folk-blues style of storytelling and singing. You can catch him solo, or with his band, The Revelators. Renowned Tennessee poet and songwriter, RB Morris says of Urmy, “Matt’s a really fine poet and songwriter, and a great live renderer of it all. He’s lifted the creative warrior spirit among us. And that’s what we need."

Matt's part wolf, part river, part moonlight, and part cloud...oh yeah, and part human too...First and foremost, he is a father to a two year old son. Passion is a powerful force. The records keep getting written and recorded, each year, his craft improves, and his voice is more unique. His talent combined with his work ethic, and his compelling love for music and language keep moving him forward...

To hear more of his previous work, or read reviews, or learn more about matt's life, or to Order Matt's new book of poems check out his website, WWW.MATTURMY.COM


Sweet Lonesone--New CD 2010.

Set List

Three 45 minute sets --originals.