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I Don't Wanna Love You

Written By: Matt Van Brink


I don't wanna love you
More than I have to.
I don't wanna do a thing
That I don't really want to.
I won't make the effort,
Now and forever!
Cause I don't wanna lie to you,
But I never really liked you.

I don't wanna work,
I don't wanna think,
I won't do a thing
Beyond what keeps you interested in me.
There's nothing I will do for you
'Cause I never really liked you

Oh, I love you! Psych!
No, actually, I don't.
That's just what I might say…
Though really I won't.

I won't lift a finger,
But I’ll put you through the wringer.
I only said the words I said
Just to make you linger.
You know, I was omitting
That I was only kidding.
Although I love to lie to you,
I don't really like you,

So give me back my CDs,
And throw in some MP3s.
Darling, don't you see
It’s time to give everything to me?
In life, you find a loser,
Then become a user.
Just wanted to alert you
Cause I don't wanna hurt you..
No, I don't wanna lie to you
Cause I never really liked you..