Matt Wagemann

Matt Wagemann


I’m a 24 year-old Midwesterner and I want to sing to you! Acoustic/Pop/Rock for your listening pleasure; sounds like Jason Mraz meets Goo Goo Dolls.


No matter what stage of life, music has and always will be apart of my life. Music truly fascinates me; it's like a universal language that has the power to bring people together, speak into lives, and it can create emotions and connect with feelings that sometimes you never even knew were there before.

Growing up I was heavily involved in sports and I went on to compete at the college level in wrestling. Music sporadically surfaced throughout my years of growing up.

I began writing lyrics in early high school because it was the easiest way for me to express what I was feeling. I was never great at expressing how I felt out loud; so I wrote to get things out of my head and then I'd continue on with my day.

I sang in a cover band in High School mostly performing Blink182 and MXPX covers. When I went off to college I purchased my first guitar and began picking up chords in my free time from books and friends. Once I learned a few chords I was able to turn my lyrics into melodies and that sparked the beginning of my new found passion.

The fulfillment I got from finishing my first song was amazing. Looking back, the song itself wasn't amazing, but the rush of excitement was instant. I look at writing songs as a puzzle; trying to fit the right chord, melody and lyric together in a way to express an exact moment in time.

With a few songs under my belt I started playing as many open mics as I could during my first few years of college. Over the last few years I’ve been blessed with opportunities to open for bands such as Sanctus Real and Jeremy Riddle. In 2008 I saved up for and funded my debut cd Matter of Time.

My goal while writing and recording the album was to keep it real, relatable and as accessible for anyone listening. Every song was written the last few years of college and song themes range from overcoming self-doubt, going through changes, finding purpose, along with a few love songs.

Music is always something that will be apart of me and my hope is to bring hope, break people from fears and help others find what they're passionate about.


Only The Beggining

Written By: Matt Wagemann

Verse 1
So you think this is where the story ends?
Think twice cause it’s only the beginning
You’ve got a notebook of empty lines just waiting to come alive

So grab your pen in your hand it’s time to clear your head
And listen to the little voice you’ve got deep within
Your life is just fiction, until you give it some direction
Every simple thought and action leads to your destination

Let your pen flow, dig deep, and dare to dream
Of everything you can be
Have faith and you’ll see
The next chapter is only just unfolding
So watch your dreams in ink, flip from the pages become your reality

Verse 2
Have you ever stopped to think about this world that you are living in
Your heart’s desire, things that you believe in
Overwhelmed, distraught, it’s time to lift it up
Take time, stop and listen
And you’ll find what you’re missing

Cause you will find something down deep inside
And get a feeling you just can’t quite describe
And once you find that peace of mind
You’ll see there’s more to this life than just watching it fly by


Cause it’s only the beginning
Yeah, It’s only the beginning
So be free to everything
And eventually you will see

There’s nothing that you cannot do
When you put your heart and soul into
Endless possibilities
Only the beginning
So start writing your story



Debut Release - "Matter of Time"

Set List

The majority of my set list is original material. I often incorporate fun cover songs into a set list. A typical set lasts 40-60 minutes and I can play 2 (+) hours, depending on event.