Matt Walker

Matt Walker

 Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

Blending traditional blues with soulful rock, Matt’s philosophy is that “blues isn’t something that should be thought about too much, it should be felt, and to feel it, you have to play it.” And, man, do you ever feel it when he plays the blues.


Matt Walker

Drumming professionally since the early 80s, Matt has been a core member in many bands and as a sideman for numerous artists. He got his start playing drums in a re-formation of Alberta recording artists One Horse Blue called Prisoner who recognized the musical potential of an 18year old. Walker continued to cut his teeth, working with country legend Brian Fustukian and the Battle River Band, blues veterans Cold Feet, and acclaimed singer/songwriter Carmen Lindsay (Rita McNeil “Moth to a Flame”).

The 90s found Matt playing the blues in Toronto as a founding member of Jake and The Blue Midnights; and performing with others like the Tyler Yareema Band, Mark ‘Bird’ Stafford, Howard Willet and the Shifters, Doctor Nick and the Rollercoasters, Little Bobby and The Jump Starts, and The David Rotundo Band, to name just a few.

Back in Alberta since 2000, Matt has worked with the Graham Guest Band, Donald Ray Johnson, Billy Joe Green, Russell Jackson, Doug Jenson and the Feelkings, the Rault Brothers Band, Studebaker John, Shelley Jones, and Rick Holmstrom. The respect Matt has garnered across the country for his solid drumming and solid work ethic is evident by the roster of talent on his debut album Low Down.

When it came to recording his own CD, Matt wanted to create an exceptional recording that would incorporate the raw feel and spontaneity of 1950’s Chicago blues. Matt approached his old pals from his club days in Toronto and his Edmonton buddies – some of the who’s who of Canadian blues performers. The album, first created in Matt’s mind and inspired by his passion for the blues, began to take on a life of its own. Matt harnessed the intense, deep energy that makes the blues a true art form of the soul, and expressed that landscape of emotion song after song. The result – Low Down - an exceptional album, a mixture of Blues and Rock filled with passion, and with outstanding arrangements.

Low Down covers a lot of ground musically. Low Down leaves you wanting more, and is a testament to the virtuosity of everyone involved in the project. Low Down a tasteful blend of strong, well-written original songs, and songs made famous by blues heroes like Elmore James, and Junior Wells. This album is rounded out by a natural vocal sensibility that moves and propels the songs on this record into new territory.

Matt says, “I wanted to make a record that moved me. I wanted to keep it real, keep it honest, and it had to be fun, not contrived in any way, something true.”

I think he got his wish.


I Can't Hold Out

Written By: Elmore James

I just talked to my baby
On the telephone, she said
Stop what your doin and come on home
I can't hold out, I can't hold out too
I get a real good feelin', talkin' to you on the phone

She said, baby don't you worry
Your my desire, I love you pretty
baby and I hate to you cry

She said, Daddy you can run, walk or fly, you know I love you baby your my hearts desire

Hoodoo Man Blues

Written By: Junior Wells

Lord I'm wonderin'
Whats to the matter??
Tryin' all the time
It seems like in hours, everything can change, But I hold up my hands
Lord I'm tryin to make her understand
Lord you know everybody they tell me That she hoodoo'd the hoodoo man

Baby you know I, buzzed your bell this mornin' baby got your elevator runnin slow
I buzzed your bell little girl to take me to the third floor

I tell you this time baby, ain't gonna tell you know more
The next time I might just have to let you go

Walkin' Back To You

Written By: Matthew Walker

I started walkin' by myself
I started walkin' by myself back to you
I'm a little bit broken, and a whole lot blue
I'm searching for reason, and maybe some truth.

To forget hurt feelings, takes some time
Never seems real when true love is on the line
Can I make a little time, and see this through
Till then, I walk this road alone thinking of you.

So Much Invested In This Thing I Cannot See Myself Betraying You.

Discount dreams, I don't know,
Hot like fever, burns like cold,
See the truth and wonder, why's the trust sold
For a makeshift lover, who will never bring you home.

Go ahead, have your way
You tell the story in the words that you don't say
I'm a little bit wiser, but I'm still blue
I'm just so tired walkin', talkin' things this way.

I Don't Go For That

Written By: Jimmy Reed

You Know Baby, I don't go for that
You Know baby, I don't go for that
I'm gonna pack-up girl
And I'm gonna leave you flat

You leave in the mornin'
And stay out all day long
You leave in the mornin'
And stay out all day long
I'm tellin you baby why don't you come on home

You otta tell me tell me what your gonna do
You otta tell me tell me what your gonna do
You better take it easy if you don't
I'll do it to

Hangin' Over Bad news

Written By: Matthew Walker

Woke up this mornin' after a night on the town
Feelin' woozy, smellin' boozy, swear never again
Wooow, I'm dyin' now
Spent the evening making friends, drinkin' whiskey talkin', trash and gettin' down

I'm barely awake and the sun doesn't care
I've got to get away from the drain of the pain, of the whiskeeeyy - day-after-blues
I'm hangin' over, bad news

My heads thumpin' like a disco
The empties around my bed, dance like devils in my head
Wooow, I'm feelin' used
I drank too much whiskey
I'm hangin' over bad news

Slow it down, count your lucky stars
Woke-up in your own bed, didn't breakdown in the car
Wooow, I'm hangin' over bad news

Walkin' the tight wire of my regret
Can't help thinkin' all the things that I haven't done
Chew on critism till my dying day
But I can't pass up a drink come friday
I'm hangin' over bad news

Confessin' The blues

Written By: Walter Jacobs

Here I stand before you
With my heart in my hands
Hoping that you hear me
Hoping that you understand
Can we make everything alright?
You are made for me
I don't want nobody else

Well baby, can we make everything alright
Oh baby, can we make everything alright
You are made for me, I don't want nobody else

This is my confession
In this song, my only song
And it proves that I'm in heaven
When you hold me in your arms
Thats the truth, don't you know I wouldn't lie
If I don't love you
Well I'd wanna breakdown and cry

Baby, don't you wanna man like me
Baby, don't you want a man like me
Think about your future
Forget about your used to be


Written By: Matthew Walker

Drivin' on the world, with blues for sale
Takin' bidders, free market to deal
Not many takers? I don't think so
Plenty for free, free for the talking it seems

Time. Make it alright
Time. Make it all alright
Gonna set it up
Gonna set it all up

Too long been gone, pushin' dreams at the Inn
Sometimes they leave you high and dry
Sometimes you're walkin' in the Clouds
Where to begin, when you leave
(Time passes by wheels on the road)

When the sun goes down, pitch black at night
Where the road hits the sky, driven out of sight.
Find your home
Leave the blues behind
Except thinkin' of you, its all asphalt, black and night sky.

Worried Blues

Written By: Matthew Walker

Here I am in the dark, Thinking,
Where did it go wrong?
As I go numb,
you slip through my fingers,
You drip on my mind,
You haunt the passing of the time,
That made the whole thing, something

Grey skies and rain clouds, for so many miles,
Its all there is to see
The heavy feelings are all around
In my mind, nothing seems to be easy

With a sadness in your eye
That can bring a heart way down
Now...worried blues

In the middle of the night
My mind on my woman
All time that was good
All the times I understood
Drive by my stop, and I go numb

Triple The Measure

Written By: Matthew Walker

Bartender, tiple the measure
an ounce won't do
I got a big shot of the blues
It gets worse with every thought of you

When I put all the chips down
You never showed up, you were never around
But I never gave up
Now I'm blue

Guess I could be a clown
A laughing stock of my home town
In the whole round world
How could this be, how wil it end?
Holy smokes! Bartender hit me again
Triple the measure
An ounce just won't do

Low Down

Written By: Matthew Walker

Help me
I'm feelin' low down
Help me
I'm feelin' low down

Lost my bed to the man
lost my head to a plan
Broke my word to a friend
I'm feelin' low down

Can't aford to be strange
Can't be bored with the same
Lord I'm all but to blame
I'm feelin' low down

I was standin' lookin' up
Feelin' all used up
Prayed a road would open up
I'm feelin' low down

Wrote the truth in a letter
To make my world a little better
Broke the heart of the one
I'm feelin' low down


Matt Walker
"Low Down"