Matt Ward

Matt Ward


Van Morrison meets John Mellencamp in this Americana Rock masterpiece powered by superstar legends Steve Kimock and others from The Tubes, The Who, Rod Stewart, and Starship.


Matt is a singer songwriter guitarist originally from Chicago where he sat in with many blues greats as a teenager. He was a member of various Chicago area rock and roll bands in the 1970s and 1980s. Actively employed in the business world since the early 80s, he has continued to write over the years and recently rekindled his musical passions with this CD.

G.E. Smith of Hall & Oates and Saturday Night Live fame once described Matt's songs as "having more hooks than a tackle box." Hailing from an era when everyone read the lyric sheets in albums and were emotionally moved by them, Matt writes in a style similar to that era and current writers like Linda Perry (Pink, Christina Aguilera).

Matt's CD was recorded at Priarie Sun Recording Studios in Sonoma County, California on classic analog equipment once owned by Pete Townsend of The Who (ala Quadrophenia) and The Police (Synchronicity).


Boy's Alright

Written By: Matt Ward

Pretty morning in New York
Pretty girl by my side
A little too much wine last night
Put a dent in my pride
But my fear of beginning
Is beginning to subside
I’m alright
Boy’s alright

How `bout a hand for the shooters
They always shoot so high
How `bout a win for the losers
They’ve had their turn to cry
While the oceans of loneliness
Have all reached their high tide
I’m alright
Boy’s alright

If it all comes tumbling down
Wash it all away
I’ll find me the strength inside
To build it up again one day

I’m alright
Boy’s alright

Warm woman from Europe
She lends me her hand
Like a fine line from Heinlein
She was a stranger in our strange land
And my crude street kid welcome
She just can’t understand


Written By: Matt Ward

Tonight, I’ll dream
I’m in your arms
This fantasy
Can do me no harm

You’ll come back and hold me tight
All the answers are black and white

Tonight, I hope
You’ll dream of me
In distant sleep
Far across the sea

You always said that you loved me
You always said that you did
You always said you would need me
You always said it kid

Ready For You

Written By: Matt Ward

When the bottom comes to the top
And this crazy life you’re living must stop
I will be ready for you
Ready for you
Though we thought that the timing was sure
We must have been a little premature
But now I’m ready for you
Ready for you

I think I’m ready
I hope I’m ready
Are you ready
`Cause I’m ready for you
Ready for you

Though you think that I acted too fast
That infatuation never can last
I am ready for you
Ready for you
The mistake that we made way back when
Oh you know that won’t happen again
Because I am ready for you
Ready for you

When the bottom comes to the top
And this crazy life you’re living must stop
I will be ready for you
Ready for you


CD: "Turn It Over" released 2/14/03 by Monkey Diva Music, LLC avaiable at

Set List

45 minutes per set, songs include Alive Again, Ready For You, Taken, Turn It Over, Boy’s Alright, Still In Love, American Sound, I Will, Cari’s Song (Just As I Am), I Wonder, Tonight, Singing Soldier