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We are not a band because there's no we. It's just me, and I write songs, mostly country, bluegrass, americana. From funny songs to serious and hearwrenching, I aim for impact. I don't want you to forget it.

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Chickens In The Sky (The tragic tale of farmer John)

Written By: Matthew Brent Whisnant

Chickens In The Sky ©1995 by Matthew Brent Whisnant
--thus far sung a capella with faux-operatic grandiosity
-- would lend itself to all sorts of production that the writer hears in his head, but can’t turn up the volume enough for others to hear.
-- after you listen… imagine the video. It might get a hit or two on YouTube.

Famer John cared not a lick for his chickens
He kept them in steel coups for their nests
An insult to the evolution
Of these beautiful man-serving hens.

The chickens met at dawn in the barnyard
And resolved to put an end to his rule
In the dirt they scratched “DEATH TO THE TYRANT”
From their throats rose a fierce “COCKADOODLE DOOOO”

Chickens in the sky, flying high,
In the dry desert air of night
Oh can you see? They fly free
Watch their wondrous flight.

The fury of their call sent John sprawling
He fell from his bed with a thud
He rose and shook his fist out the window
And said “Tonight I will drink chicken blood!”

With his axe, farmer John walked to the barnyard
He gawked at disbelief at what he saw
The morning sky obscured by flying chickens
Who disobeyed every natural law.


Farmer John dropped his axe and started bawling
To his cries, the chickens paid no heed
They clawed and they pecked his flailing body
And said “We won’t be satisfied till you bleed!”

Farmer John lay on the sand, he was dying
The chickens sang a song of victory
They rose high in the sky, they started flying,
They tasted what it was to be free!

Chorus (sung higher to properly reflect the majesty of chicken flight)

(tempo slows)
With his lifeblood flowing out, John was frantic
He knew that very soon he would die
So he crawled on the sand until nightfall
When his blood had spelled “CHICKENS CAN’T FLY!”

The chickens read those words and started falling
One by one, they hit the earth with a THUD.
When farmer John bled to death, he was laughing
Surrounded by those tragic chickens’ blood

Chorus 2:
Chickens from the sky, see them die
On the bloody desert dirt at night.
Oh did you see? They flew free
Remember their wondrous flight.
(brief dramatic pause… crowd thinks song is over… music fades away)

(slower tempo again)
The chickens made headlines across the nation
(tempo begins picking up slowly and builds back to full speed through rest of verse)
And everyone who heard was agreed
That the most amazing thing about the story
Was not that they could fly but they could READ.

Chorus (repeat until the audience gets sick of singing it with you)