Matt White Band

Matt White Band


Acoustic based pop with soulful vocals


One thing that is certain about Matt White is his love of music. It started when he was very young growing up in Houston, Texas. When asked about his early influences Matt relates, "I was interested in such a wide variety of music that it's hard to narrow them down, but the first musical score I can remember was Ike and Tina's soulful hit 'Rollin' On The River". This early exposure to soul music is evident in Matt's smooth vocal delivery and guitar style. Exposure to many genres of music has ingrained a deep appreciation for songwriting craft. It is this love of melody and pop sensibility that invokes comparisons to John Mayer, Gavin DeGraw and Marc Broussard.

While attending college he fronted, Bent, a four-piece alternative rock band. For two years they filled bars and clubs in many college towns and cities throughout Texas. While touring with Bent, Matt and bass player, Joe Fladger, slowly fell in love with the bright lights of Austin. Saying goodbye to their band, they took a risk and moved on. Matt says, "It was hard leaving Bent, but who would refuse an offer to attend the University of Texas and a chance to play in the music capital of the world". The Matt White Band has steadily made a name in Austin, showcasing a unique acoustic pop and singer/songwriter style. The band is now planning a tour to support their debut album entitled "Burn Out Bright".

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Burn out Bright-2004 Produced by Mark Addison.