Matt Winter Band

Matt Winter Band

 Clearwater, Florida, USA

Matt Winter is a nationally acclaimed performing artist who's voice and heart have touched thousands. Matt's versatile style brings a breath of originality to each song he performs. The musicians who perform with him are equally impressive. Matt Winter Band is a crowd winner from song 1!


Matt Winter is a nationally acclaimed performing artist who has touched thousands with his unmistakable southern soul sound. Matt's versatile style allows him to cover most all musical genres while bringing a breath of originality to each song he performs.

Throughout his past 10 years of traveling and performing across the country, Matt has had the privilege of sharing the stage with stars such as Michelle Branch, Donnie Wahlberg, Gin Blossoms, Nelly, actress Kourtney Kardashian, Blake Lewis of American Idol, Daniel B Marshall, Mike MacArthur, and more. He has performed for many notable figures such as the Mayors of Clearwater and Tampa, Coach Greg Schiano of the Tampa Bay Bucs, The Chamber of Commerce, Mrs. Sam Walton-wife of the founder of Wal-mart, the Tampa Bay Lightning, Detroit Dodgers, and Philidelphia Phillies. He has also performed at the historic Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, FL, for the Outback Bowl and at the Conference Championship final game for the Tampa Bay Lightning;

Matt performs an impressive 300 shows a year and released his first album 'Neverlove' in 2010 and is currently working on his second album.

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Written By: Matthew Winter

passion light my words and let no man see through me
hide them wide among thorns of the roadside
the greatest sum of these parts played could never console me
and at the arch sits love pretty as the right time

when will i know me to open up, when will i know easy, easy
when will i see and not define, when will i know easy, easy
be my neverlove

three times of mine i've played right on hearts before me
now she lies awake, it makes no sense at all
a song played true from a broken heart yields true redemption
and if you hear my words then the race is won

when all the words you say are worthless
when all the words shes says are worthless

Melissa's Gone Mad

Written By: Matt Winter

well i met baby in a bar somewhere south of noonan georgia
and i watched her til my eyes ran
she was drink'in liquor and cran and look'in right
i remember that warm spring night, just below the mesa
where the honeysuckle ran thick, i can taste her

yea when baby hear's a gunshot, kill'in tires on the blacktop
gonna drive until she can't stop, watch the water turn red
melissa's gone mad again

well love ran hot for a year, stopped summer at the borderline
i remember i was play'in guitar all night and rode home to an empty bottle of wine
all the note simply read was "pretty baby i don't think we can make it"
so she took the cash and the stash and headed off to vegas
baby's off in vegas

last night i caught myself dreaming kill'in time in melissa's arms
and i loved her til my blood ran, the back seat of my car to her bed and over again
it was on and hot from the start and i swore it never end, baby never ended


Written By: Zack LaChappelle, arranged by Matt Winter

a chair to my left, a chair to my right
stuck in the middle of an empty tavern night
just hold'in on to not lett'in go my glass is almost empty
here i go, bartender, bartender


pour me one more draft before i hit the road
one more glass to lighten the load of this weight i bear
i'm not sure how i got here
was it her was it me, took a while to see
it doesn't matter now, time to move's to be'in gone

my tab's been paid, as i step into the night
not a soul to be seen on an off season night
only friends i know they're all waiting ice cold
and if i just turned around i'd be back home

and i know there's more than a few just like me
who can relate to what i say
and if i could trade my tomorrows for today
i'd live the moment anyway

All Wrote Down

Written By: Matt Winter

i wrote this song on a bridge for hours just to see you face
couldnt stop my heart from turning over
distracted by the way she looked or the way you held your face
no kiss could i recall before

and it's all wrote down, greener eyes never dried to still-frame the insider story
of how it all went down, cheated right outta love though i know it's not worth the glory

it's florida now and i can't come down, i'm in a different state
at times the weekends blow me over
and i've been drunk enough and rough to touch 'til i couldn't see your face
and now your memory bends to mock me

i'm homeward bound in traffic sounds, around the same old place
and good time never lasted longer
and i think too much and i can't come down, for fear of loosing grace
and now there's hours left 'til morning

Ride It Out

Written By: Matt Winter

I'm a little country with an ode to soul
don't know how it sounds define the role
i'm the painter stride one with the beautiful
with a path of truth to be foretold

yea you gotta ride it out, ride it out this time
leav'in no room for doubt are you in or you out across the county line
yea you gotta ride it out, ride it out this time
get the walls down i'm break'in out gotta find my answer to this lie/life

i got faith but i lost control
let me run off at the cuff just try'in to get some more
i cried when i bust the beautiful
i didn't ask her heart don't wanna be responsible


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Set List

1. #41 – Dave Matthew Band
2. 1,2,3,4 – Plain White Tee’s
3. 3am - Matchbox 20
4. A Pirate Looks at 40 – Jimmy Buffet
5. Accidentally In Love- Counting Crows
6. Aint No Sunshine When She’s Gone – Bill Withers
7. Aint To Proud To Beg
8. Alison Road – Gin Blossoms
9. All Star – Smash Mouth
10. All Along The Watchtower – Bob Dylan
11. All For You – Sister Hazel
12. All My Rowdy Friends – Hank Williams, Jr
13. All Star – Smash Mouth
14. All Wrote Down – Matt Winter
15. Already Gone - Eagles
16. Alright Now – Free
17. Alright, Alright - Darius Rucker
18. Always on my Mind – Willie Nelson
19. American Woman – Lenny Kravitz
20. Angel – Jack Johnson
21. Ants - DMB
22. Badfish – Sublime
23. Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson
24. Bartender – Matt Winter
25. Be Like That – 3 Doors Down
26. Beast of Burden – Rolling Stones
27. Beautiful – G Love and Tristen Prettyman
28. Bell Bottom Blues - Eric Clapton
29. Best of you – Foo Fighters
30. Big ‘Ol Jet Airliner – Steve Mill