Matty Carter + Ariel
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Matty Carter + Ariel

New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Duo Alternative Pop




"Meet the Genre Defying Duo: Matty Carter + Ariel"

There is an air of mystery surrounding the dynamic musical pair, Matty Carter + Ariel whose anonymity and hard-hitting content continue to spark interest in the music industry. Their striking sound defies genres, creating something entirely new (self-proclaimed as “Rock Death Pop”) that has landed them performances at SXSW and Warped Tour. The group also used Vydia to drop their first official music video, “Voices”, which has over 250K views and is still climbing. We had the opportunity to interview these two talented creators to uncover all of the details about how Matty Carter + Ariel came to be and story behind “Voices”. Here’s what they had to say:

How did you initially connect and start collaborating as Matty Carter + Ariel?
For as long as I can remember I would have these dreams about a girl I didn’t know. In my dreams we were playing music to thousands of people and creating songs that were important. I met Ariel at a bar, and when I saw her across the room, before we even spoke to each other, I knew she was the girl in my dreams. We have been creating together ever since.

What influences your content?
Late nights, fist fights, making love, fear, depression, confidence, love, war… life.

What inspired your music video “Voices”?
When we wrote Voices I was going through a really rough time. Some of my past decisions had caught up to me in a negative way and I was letting it kill me…mentally and physically. Voices was the breaking point. Lyrically it’s a conversation within myself. The good in me telling the bad in me; enough is enough I’m taking back control. For the video we wanted to accent that concept with a rebirth. Killing off my old, negative self and embracing the new, confident, positive person I’ve chosen to become. - Vydia

"This mysterious duo are doing things differently on the music scene"

DTL caught up with Matty Carter + Ariel to get their unique perspective on music, mental health and all things creative.

DTL: Tell us a bit about the Matty Carter + Ariel project
MC: We are Matty Carter + Ariel. We write our own songs and put on one of the best performances you will ever experience… promise!

DTL: We can’t stop listening to your brand new single ‘Bad’ right now, and what makes it even better is that you’re generously donating some of the proceeds to Ditch the Label to help us fund crucial support (yay)! Can you tell us a bit more about the song, what is the back story?
MC: BAD is a song about confidence. When we were writing it I was feeling really low. I had a couple of bad breaks piling up and I was questioning everything about myself. It was a disgusting feeling so I wanted to write a song to take me out of that mindset. BAD is about realizing you have nowhere to go but up and owning it.

DTL: Matty, you’ve been open in the past about struggles with your mental health, why is it so important to create open conversations about mental health?
MC: Depression is something I’ve dealt with and continue to deal with every day. I think it’s important to have open conversations about it because our only purpose on this planet is to connect with one another. If I can help someone better understand themselves by telling my story and expressing myself. Or, if someone can look to me and say ‘oh man he’s just like me…I think that same way…’, it gives me a great purpose and a reason to push through the low times. I’ve always wanted to change the world for the better. I believe that there is a kid right now reading this interview who thinks his or her life isn’t worth shit. I’ve been there, I’ll be there again.

We are only given what we are meant to handle. Fight through the lows, take care of your body and your mind… and find the thing you were meant to create. You will leave your mark and it will all be worth it.

DTL: Ariel, you’re a female drummer and have opened up before about the stereotyping you have been faced with. What advice do you have for other females in the industry?
A: More often then not, when we arrive to load into a venue before a show, I am assumed to be someone’s girlfriend. I am usually the only one in our crew asked for ID, and I have to scramble to explain the validity behind why I am in the venue as security tries to push me out the door. It is frustrating… it is annoying. My advice to other females in the industry is to know your self-worth and change your perspective.

It is up to you to decide whether what someone says is valid. I know this is hard, especially in the moment, but you have the choice to listen and take their words seriously. Or, just let them talk knowing you do not have to take their comments as truth.

DTL: Whats the main source of inspiration during your songwriting process?
MC: Every song starts with a basic emotion. Love, heartache, jealousy, confidence, insecurities… anything really. We don’t think too much when we write we just try to leave ourselves open to the universe and let the song write itself. It’s been working out so far.

DTL: In an alternate universe where you couldn’t be musicians, what would you both be doing instead?
MC: A universe without music?! I think we would be working on being the first two people to create music. 

DTL: We work with people online to help them overcome bullying and related issues, whats your best advice for someone going through bullying right now?
MC: Use your voice in every way possible. You own your feelings, no one can make you feel small unless you allow them to.

DTL: What is the best way to counter negativity? (whether it comes from yourself or others?)
MC: With love and communication. - Ditch The Label

"Matty Carter + Ariel - Voices | Review"

Newcomers, Matty Carter + Ariel, are already making waves across the Atlantic, now it’s time for the U.K to get excited over their genre bending sound.

Being new in a very crowded pop scene, you either need to stand out from the crowd, or do what everyone else does, just better – luckily, and excitingly, for us, they’ve chosen the first option!

The duo’s debut single, “Voices,” is one of the freshest sounds we’ve heard all year, so we’re pumped to hear what their upcoming EP, Young Bones, will sound like!

The track implements lite-trap, a vintage 80s-esque melody brushed over with a big pop brush and sprinkled over the top is a little rock, in the form of an amazing guitar solo – it literally has something for everyone to enjoy.

One name comes to mind when you hear Carter’s voice; Michael Jackson, both his delivery and tone are similar to the King of Pop, as the song goes on you lose this comparison through his more spoken flow – but still, quite a nice comparison to have!

If you’re after a track that sounds like nothing else out there at the moment, then “Voices” is for you!

Check the track out below and let us know what your thoughts are in the comments! - Pursuit of Pop

"Matty Carter + Ariel - Ready To Die | Review"

Matty Carter + Ariel give us some Halloween realness on their new single, “Ready To Die.”

The mysterious duo released their debut EP, Young Bones, back in June and throughout listening to it, we couldn’t help but think that the dark and eerie sound of their production could be turned up a bit and go in a more rock direction – well, it’s happened.

The pairs sound can’t be constricted by genre boundaries and it crosses so many of them, from pop and rock to trap and punk-esque influences.

“Ready To Die” is instantly harsher than their previous releases with a harsh synth drum dragging you straight from your sofa into this beautiful, yet equally as haunting place of musical greatness – just in time for Halloween.

Carter’s raspy vocal (that we still get Michael Jackson vibes from) perfectly suits the harsher tones of the single while Ariel’s softer and pitchier tone offers a juxtaposition that works so well, as always.

Carter + Ariel are already making waves in the music-sphere and we can’t wait to see what they release next!

Check out their latest track below and let us know what you think in the comments! - Pursuit of Pop


Young Bones - EP 2017
Time Machine
Your Love

Ready To Die - Single 2017

Bad- Single 2018

They Don't Care About Us- Single 2018

Real Love- Single 2019

Walk- Single 2019

Bang- Single 2019

Dangerous- Single (Aug 2019)
Forever- Single (Aug 2019)



A captivating new duo emerges in the form of Matty Carter + Ariel. Two mysterious New York natives who, despite limited information on either, have begun to galvanise conversations around them, already making the performance bills at SXSW and the Warped Tour. It’s MC+A’s pure sense of feeling and unique sound that has propelled them to growing reputation.
The compelling thing is perhaps the real sense that these are two artists coming together with purpose and fire.    
MC+A recently gained recognition for their powerful cover of Michael Jackson's 'They Don't Care About Us.'  Their lyric video was shared thousands of times and became a trending status on WhatsApp for months, earning MC+A over half a million streams. 
Matty Carter + Ariel's music can be heard in TV shows such as The Voice (NBC), Love and Hip Hop (MTV), Black Ink Crew (MTV),  Desperate Housewives (BRAV), and various Netflix shows.  Vevo is currently featuring MC+A's  'Ready To Die' visual in their 'Incoming Alternative' playlist on the Vevo home page, and MC+A's 'Darkside', recently picked up spins from Alternative Specialty Radio stations across the US.