Matt Yaki

Matt Yaki


funk-triphop-acid-latin-jazz-pop-rock makes its debut on the planet. warm, conscious, mellow, groovy... REAL


Matt was born in British-era Hong Kong, steeped in the duality of Tao and industrial capitalism. He is the product of a New World mix of cultures, Pan Asian, Pan Pacific, Pan American.
Matt's earliest influences were the typical idols of rock, his teenage years informed by the age of hip-hop, then later the legacies of Bach, Jobim, Coltrane. While studying all around the Pacific - Hawaii, California, Southeast Asia, Matt began writing the music that eventually lead to his first album, Black Licorice, recorded solo in a cabin on the edge of the forest in Alaska, and then Stereolight, recorded two years later in that same cabin.

In many ways, Matt is the story of America - his mother was born in Lisbon, Portugal while fleeing the cultural revolution of China. Matt's father emigrated from Maui to California only to be interned in the Arizona desert during WWII.

Now living in Phoenix, Arizona, Matt has dedicated himself to teaching teenagers and furthering his own wisdom. He donates a percentage of all his CD sales to the Nature Conservancy.

Matt's songwiting is a reflection of a life brimming with cultural diversity and a rare breadth of experience. Spiritual and introspective by nature, musical by evolution, Matt Yaki is a truly rare artist.


Robin's Song

Written By: Matt Yaki

I did not see where I was going
I walked right into you
I'm so sorry I threw you an elbow
But I needed some room
You see my nature is wild like a kindergarted child
I'm eager to please and ready to fight
Just like a moth, you flickered all around
Every time I turned on my light
But the mountain's singing I'm trying to heed the call
And I think I'm gonna fall
And you dont have to know even though
I'm gonna miss you like
the January night misses the song of the robin coming home

It's such a complicated matter, I just can't begin to explain
My deepest apologies for all my bad analogies my words take me in vain
If you look real close, I bet you'll see
My heart sitting on my knee
I drew it with a black pen on my blue jeans in case of an emergency
And a wish may someday turn to strength but I know that you can't stand there at arm's length
When you got to go, and now I know
I'm gonna miss you like
the January night misses the song
of the robin coming home

The Rain

Written By: Matt Yaki

It's washing off the dust on my Pickup truck
and slowly turning the rest into rust
I think I kind of like the color
Might as well enjoy the rain

A poet in the cold, dropping the words soft and bold down the page
like eyeshadow flows when the heroin
loves the villian, like I enjoy the rain

some tme ago, I wrote a song to tell everyone some complication
but nobody could relate to what I was trying to say
That's OK, I just enjoy the rain.

My feet are black and worn,
my shoulders feel torn apart from tossing my life into the breeze
whatever blows back to me
I will enjoy the rain


Black Licorice - 2000
Open Up your Presence - 2001
Stereolight - 2003

Set List

My sets are typically 75% original, including songs off of my previous albums and many yet to be released cuts.

I do covers in personally stylized fashion - usually with a latin/jazz/trip-hop flavor.
Some songs I like to play:

Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
Drive - Incubus
Tiny Dancer - Elton John
Steal My Kisses - Ben Harper
Such Great Heights - Iron and Wine
Do It Again - Steely Dan
Superstition - Stevie Wonder
Come As You Are - Nirvana