mattymarz Band/Down to Earth

mattymarz Band/Down to Earth


subliminal fusion


For the past few years, "Mattymarz Band " has been creating a buzz and winning people over with their unique brand of music . Beautifully intense , powerful and infectious. Their music will leave quite an impression .

Comprised of vocalist/guitarist Matt Dittmar, whose strong acoustic rhythms and passionate vocals instantly connect with audiences, the melodic grooves of bass virtuoso Scott Hogan and key harmonies and Lou Medina on drums, whose pocket and dynamics drive the crowd dancing throughout the night.

The trio feeds off the energy of the crowd as well as each other. Down to Earth plays a mix of classic and current rock, alternative, funk, rap, reggae, ska, latin, jazz, blues, metal, as well as their own original material. Guaranteed to please all tastes.

The key to the one of a kind sound is the fusion of different styles of music. There is a special chemistry that is shared amongst them resulting in playful on the fly arrangements. With a cd of original music in the works, this unit will no doubt make quite an impact on music lovers.


We are currently working on our first ep which will be released in march 2011

Set List

We never have a set list planed because it takes away from the magical moments that we create @ each performance.keeping every performance fresh and unique.