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The best kept secret in music


"Citizen Slaine"

rying to get to the bottom of one of the Boston scene’s more controversial rappers is no easy feat. Like a lot of artists, Slaine keeps odd hours. A typical day in the studio starts in the evening and doesn’t end until most people are leaving for work. He’s been known to work through the next day, and sometimes into the following one, like a maniacal professor wrapped up in a radical experiment. But, slowly, he lets the details slip.

Slaine is 28 and he hails from South Boston. With his big frame and icy stare, his shaved head, and those tattoos running up both arms, he can be intimidating. Yet there’s something calming in the storm of the eyes. He can be humble and kind, and he has a reputation for getting on well with other rappers in town. Still, the vivid detail with which he describes crime is a reflection of the world he grew up in. The streets run through his veins and his rhymes. So does his complex personality.

Lyrics are his outlet. He’s an emotional rapper. He can engage in social commentary and philosophize about the nature of the streets; he can also wax misogynistic, and violence is integral to his worldview. Did I mention he’s still dating his childhood sweetheart, a schoolteacher?

It’s a Monday night, and Slaine and High Society Recording Studio producer Matty “Trump” Harris are arriving at the Armory, a studio with top-notch amenities hidden from the street in the middle of industrial Worcester. After we’ve watched several episodes of HBO’s Entourage on the flat screen, it’s time for Slaine to finish the follow-up to his White Man Is the Devil Volume I mixtape, which sold more than 6000 copies with no distribution or marketing. He’s calling the new one White Man Is the Devil Volume II, Citizen Cain and planning to celebrate its October 12 release with a party at the Middle East.
The Budweiser flows, cigarettes smolder; Slaine is antsy, rapidly tapping his foot while Trump loads the backing. But once the beats begin, everyone’s bobbing his head, and Trump mixes tunes as they narrow down the list of tracks. “I’ve never seen someone work as hard as Slaine,” Trump says — and he’s worked with some of the best in the game, from Edo G and Krumbsnatcha to Fat Joe. “The kid has drive out his ass — at certain points it’s annoying. You just want to go to sleep and he won’t let you.”

White Man Volume I was the first in a proposed trilogy that will follow Slaine through a drug bender. Equating “white man” with “the devil” is both his metaphor for the evils of cocaine and the prejudice he’s encountered as a white man in the largely African-American world of rap. “The trilogy is focused around my life before and leading up to a bender that lands me in the Dimmock, which is a detox in Roxbury, and then what happens after I get out.” Volume I begins fast-paced and funny but gets more depressing as it goes on, much like a coke bender. Slaine says that Volume II will be the darkest of the trio. “The album starts with me still awake on this bender and getting a new bag. Toward the end it gets haywire and I end up in detox. Volume III, which is called the Unholy Progression, will be more adrenaline-filled and begins with me back out on the streets and attacking this hip-hop game. It is all a true story.”

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"Graveside Remembered"

Matty Trump is a standout producer who has a great track out with the amazing 18-year-old Dorchester MC who goes by the name of LT (who, by the way, is literally the best rapper in Boston right now: everyone who hears him ends up with jaws around their ankles going, "He sounds like a young Jay-Z."). We met Matty in the studio with LT a few months ago; today he checked in to remember the Graveside kids: "Ya, J [Jason Bachiler] was a intern from the studio I worked at, he was a great kid. I saw him last week [and] told him to come work at my new studio. He said he was gonna give me a call. It's so sad, I met the rest of the group at the studio a couple of times. I remember Fat Boy as [being] a really funny kid, and EJ was more serious. They all seemed really into their music and I don't understand why or how this could have happened."
- The Phoenix


AZ, Fat Joe, JR Writer, Pete Rock. Capadonna, Slaine, Just Ice, Bobby Brown, Boot Camp Click, Clinton Sparks, Bobby Brown, Ill Bill, Crime Rime, Hatebreed, Shells. Danny Boy, ED OG, Krumbsnatcha and countless others.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Matty Trump is a producer/engineer out of Boston, MA. For the last seven years he has been a major force in the Boston/New England Hip-Hop Scene as a Producer/Engineer for countless groups including; JR Writer, Fat Joe, Boot Camp Clik, Slaine, Krumbsnatch, ED OG, Cormega, and countless others.
Brought up as a jazz drummer, his drive for music was developed at a very early age. After graduating high school, with such awards as “Best Rhythm section player” in the state, he went to the Berklee College of Music in Boston. There he studied music production and engineering, while he spent nights interning at the local recording studios.
After years of making records, he has now opening his own studio, High Society Studios. Designed by John Storyk it is slated to be one of the elite studios in Boston. Using his experiences the studio is designed to be a high class faculty catering directly to the artists needs.
Along with that, Matty Trump plans to move his music and name to the rest of the Country this year, along with the new group he manages, CrimeRime.