Matt Zarb

Matt Zarb


Combining the hard edge of an Australian bushy, the timing of a high school marching band and the heart of Kentucky roots music, Matt has developed a style that can only be described as "Aussie-Bush-Grass".


Matt Zarb
To see a live performance of a Matt Zarb show is as eventful as the trip from Louisville to Sydney, as surreal as the Australian Outback, and as energetic as Popeye on his Spinach.

Matt has been stationed permanently in Bardstown Kentucky U.S.A for five years now and has developed a huge following both in Kentucky and across the midwest as far out as Colorado .

Matt grew up in in a family of six musician boys in Cranebrook west of Sydney Australia.
After many years cutting his teeth in and around the Sydney pub scene his music took him all over Australia and finally landed him in Kentucky,U.S.A in the year 2002 where he has lived and toured since then.

Every year he comes back to Australia now to see his family. He is back now for the year sorting out immigration issues and working hard on his growing fan base in Australia.
Which has brought him back to where he started in Sydney ..

His Audiences have been loving his unique self titled style of music “Aussie Bushgrass” ..Its been described as a train smash between a convict and a hillbilly. His songs spell out his life on the road both here in Australia and over there touring the U.S.A with his guitar and stomp box. Matt alone and with brother Pauly has opened for Willie Nelson, Kieth Urban, The Louisville Orchestra, Tommy Emmanuel, Little Feat, Delbert McClinton, The Charlie Daniel's Band and a long list of others. Matt has a swag of songs and is currently promoting his CD 'Hillbilly Bride”.

Matt’s last year or so in the United States have yielded yet another swag of interesting and exciting highlights….
In October of 2006 Matt was honored to kick off the noted Acoustic Guitar Master’s Series for 2006 now in its seventh season. This concert series features the best virtuoso acoustic guitar players from all over the world including Tommy Emmanuel CGP, Pete Huttlinger, Richard Smith, Steven Bennett, etc.
“Zarb takes stage as a “Master” in his own right”.
It's Matt Zarb's love of music and his ability to combine guitar playing styles to get what Eddie Mattingly (founder and host of "Acoustic Guitar Masters Series") calls the "Zarbanizing" effect that makes him a unique but fitting addition to the collection of world-renowned guitar players he brings to Hardin County. To find guitarists at that level, Mattingly said he attends two major music festivals, the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society Convention in Nashville and the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kan., where thousands of guitar players flock each year. "There are about 30 in the world that are this good," Mattingly said. "I've brought 19 here — the other 11 have called."
The News Enterprise, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

After returning to Kentucky in March of 2006 from an extensive tour in Australia Matt began producing his second solo project, Wayno’s Garage, which featured many of his songs from previous cd’s as well as his own unique version of Mason William‘s, “Classical Gas“. The CD was released in June of 2006 and Matt has continued to tour and promote the CD throughout the United States. This CD will be featured and available for the first time to the Australian audience on this tour.
In July of this year “due to Matts absense” brother Pauly will host the annual “Zarb Brothers Street Concert” in historic downtown Bardstown,Kentucky. Now in its fourth year this concert has grown to attract thousands of fans as well as the support of the local government and business community. This years concert will feature Pauly Zarb and his band , Aussie special guest Tommy Emmanuel CGP,Pat Kirtley 1995 U.S.A thumb picking champion..Maybe one or two of our other brothers Jed and Jose. California band “Soapbox Symphony”, and singer/songwriter Antsie McLain. It will be a monster gig no doubt as it always is.
Matt’s latest project has been performing with his wife Dani as part of the national television cooking show “The Campfire Café”. Matt has written and produced the music for the new series in which he will be featured performing live throughout the 2007 season.
For more press,photos visit Matt's website and read the press page. If you wish to hear a compilation of some of Matts music visit the myspace link at the bottom of the front page of his website at


Vincent Road

Written By: Matt Zarb

I was born way west of Sydney.
Where the mountains meet the city
Where the sunset seemed so pretty
Out the backdoor throught the trees
Down Vincent Road

I did my school at St. Dominics College
Waste of time, didn't get much knowledge
I worked a milk run, I bought my first guitar
I played until my fingers bled
Down Vincent Road

Up for church on Sunday morning
In my paisly shirt and shoes
In 1/2 hour we'd all be yawning
We couldn't wait to get back home
to that old red brick house down on Vincent Road

Now I've grown so much older
I sometimes wish that I could go
Down the driveway to the corner
I walk barefoot in the dirt
In that old paisly shirt
Down Vincent Road....

What Do You Think About That?

Written By: Matt Zarb

Well I heard old Georgie died today
What do you think about that?
Everybody's reading Harry Potter I say
What do you think about that?
Well the watermelon man drank the bitch's brew
I woke up thinking what a strange thing to do....

Ms Cassidy made me cry today
Painted rainbows on my back
The songbird left quite a lot to say
Autumn leaves and things like that.
Well Johnny flew down to the deep blue sea
Sang a pretty tune just for you and me
What do you think about that?

Well what did you think when the sky fell down?
Did you stand around with your head in the ground?
A green house gas our society
Love one another as I loved you
What a wierd and wonderful thing to say and do
Hunger strikes for human rights
What do you think...What do you think about that?

Well I heard Mr. Harisson died today
Everybodies reading Harry Potter I say
Well the watermelon man drank the bitch's brew
What a strange, strange, strange, strange, strange, strange thing to do
What do you think about that...

What do think when the sun comes up
Do you think the lord just for filling your cup
On a public train, in a silent crowd
An old grey suit with the face of a clown
What did you think when the front page read "God rest her soul...The Queen Mother is dead": Such is life, old Ned said
What do you think, what do you think about that ?
Well I heard old Georgie he died today
They drove tanks through Bethlehem square yesterday and everyday
What do you think about that?

Rose Matilda

Written By: Matt Zarb

Jack O Keefe was a fine young man, he fought to make a quid, he grew up hard as nails, never lost a round.

He walked the streets of Sydney town, looking for a job, tallying sugar was the only thing he found.

Jack O Keefe he sang and danced his banjo mandolin, he lived for life and love withtout a care. He walked the streets of homebush bay dreaming of a girl, he saved his love for a girl with auburn hair...

Verse 2

Now Rose Matilda sang and danced such a pretty sight to see.She grew up soft and gentle as can be.
She stayed at home and cookked and cleanes and sowed her pretty dress and dreamed of love thinking who'll come dance with me.
With an angle voice she sang at church she sang for God and love,she sang beyond the clouds that we could see.When Jack stepped up held out his hand as handsome as can be. he said Rose Matilda come here and dance with me...

Wont you dance with me Matilda? Rose Matilda wont you sing your sweet song in my ear..
while the music box was playing "Somwhere my love" Oh Rose Matilda dance with me...

Verse 3

Now Jack and Rose they made a home,Westmead, Grand Avenue..Stayed at home and raised a family. My mother's brother flew his plane and travlelled all round the world...All the things I wished that I could be..
Rose Matilda sang at home she sang for life and love she sang for all my brothers and for me..When Jack fell down he broke his crown he'd lost his life and love,He prayed Rose Matilda come back here dance with me...


Now the years have past I sing and play on this here mandolin...
I sing for God and love without a care...
I've danced the streets of Sydney town and I've travelled all round the world...I danced with Rose the girl with Auburn hair....

Yeah I danced with my Matilda...
rose matilda as she sang her sweet song in my the music box was playing...Somwhere my love Oh rose Matilda danced with me....

Repeat Chorus......


Wayno's Garage 2006 (Matt Zarb solo)
Hillbilly Bride 2004 (Matt Zarb solo)
Chameleon 2003 (Matt and Pauly Zarb)
Live 2002 (Matt and Pauly Zarb)
Vincent Road 2001 (Matt and Pauly Zarb)

CD's available on request

Set List

Set List: 90% original
From Hillbilly Bride CD: Southern Cross, Rose Matilda, Miss Butterfly, Second Time Around, Hillbilly Bride, Cause I Want To, Where Do You Go, Dr. Dollar, Martha, Widow Walk, Red and Gold. From Wayno's Garage: What Do You Think About That, Laura's Tune, Jimmy's Gone to Africa, All These Things, Southern Girl...
10% Covers: Classical Gas(Mason Williams), Old Joe Clark(Traditional), Short Memory(Midnight Oil), Waltzing Matilda (Australian Traditional), Copperhead Road (Steve Earl), Red Headed Boy (Traditional Bluegrass), Call Me Al (Paul Simon), Roxanne (Police)
Typically Matt Does (2) 50 minute sets or (1) 90 minute set per performance which does not include encore. Matt's set lists vary according to the type of venue/audence/festival/etc...