Matundu Makalani and Equal Rights and Just Us!

Matundu Makalani and Equal Rights and Just Us!

 Oakland, California, USA

"If a song isn't going to say anything, it might as well be an instrumental!"


Matundu Makalani . . .

activist, writer, poet, musician and published author has been performing his songs and standup political comedy/analysis for many years. He has performed with Chuck Mangione, Joe Salzano, Mark Little and the Oakland Jazz Choir. He has played at Syracuse State Theatre (Windjammer Jazz Ensemble), ABC Café, Yoshi’s and the Rongovian Embassy. His music can be likened to Gil Scott Heron with some of his major influences being Paul Robeson, Oscar Brown Jr., Jon Hendricks, Stan Rogers and Tupac Shakur. A magnificent storyteller, Makalani creates an intelligent and existential atmosphere where jazz and spoken word meet.



Written By: Matundu Makalani


Does forgiveness seek the truth
Does an army hold its youth?
Do we tend to be amazed
How fast it all goes away…..

Am I reaching for the stars
Or stuck behind some bars?
Is my pain the way to gain
Am I looked at as insane?


Suellen, my love
My friend
My heart
You’re with me every day
Yes, Stay aye aye, please stay

I run so far from you
And I don’t know what to do
Should I stay or should I go?
Why am I the last to know?

I’m so close to the truth
So patience please be you
The reward is me so pure
And the passion is our cure…..


Anytime you asked me to give of myself
I ran away…..
I ran away…..
There was no place to rest in our love,
In our time
I ran away….
I ran away…..

What I’ve learned from this exchange
Is burnished in my brain
Wired for the haul
Embrace me while I crawl



Written By: Matundu Makalani

Trayvon someone’s young joy
Someone’s young son, (1)
Someone’s young boy
Did he realize his young life was
about to end?

Here comes the light rain
Raise the hoodie, he can’t complain (2)
Dry is better than, I suppose
Looking the thug!

He thought that the skittles
And the ice tea would just settle (3)
His jumbling stomach
And make him smile!

But Trayvon
The outcast
Is profiled (4)
Real fast
Could this outcast
Review the past
And turn it around?

As the neighborhood watch dog
Checks his watch, checks his log (5)
This ain’t the time for being
Darker than blue

Wrong place, the wrong time
Wrong race, the wrong line (6)
Can this altercation just tell us
What we already knew?


But moral dilemmas are seldom
Out of sight
Do the tears that we shed for this crazy world
Excuse our plight?

But when I bring it to your attention
You say: don’t complain
How many times in our life do we see death
look like falling rain?
Don’t complain
It’s so insane!

Bottom line we all know
Awareness grows
Real slow
And time shows (7)
When it grows
Our hearts are our own.