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Miami, Florida, United States | INDIE

Miami, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop R&B


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"THOR the Takeover"

f you missed the weekly THOR takeover @ Medusa Lounge November 27th you missed some of the hottest performances ever! Every one knows its hard to rock a crowd at the Medusa Lounge on Tuesday nights because the crowd is filled with true hip hop heads and b-boy fanatics that take hiphop to the heart. But what I saw that night was truly beautiful.


The opening act was a sexy young lady by the name of MAUIKAI from Nonsense Records. She’s currently out on a 25 city tour, stopped by the THOR takeover and murked the game performing a spoken word poem with the flame spit of a dragon! Her grace on stage was nothing short of phenomenal with a rapid emcee spit and sultry R&B breaks that made Cee Knowledge aka the DoodleBug of Digable Planets, stand up to give her props. Talk about exciting? - Urban Media Project

"Mauikai: Hip Hop, Soul and Funk (Nonsense Records)"

Singer, poet and political revolutionary Mauikai is currently touring the United States. Her EP, Beyond the Road is laced with Soul, Funk, Jazz and Hip Hop, with a unique sound never heard before. Mauikai finds herself on a quest to share her music and political beliefs with the masses. On blind faith, she has been paying for her own age six I joined the choir, by junior high the dance team, and at thirteen wrote my first song," says Mauikai and goes on to explain how she saved enough money to pay for her first professional recordings. Although she had a bitter first experience with the recording industry, when the studio vanished over night after she had payed them in full, she was not discouraged and went on to learn about the business of music at Full Sail Real World Education in Winter Park, FL.

The music she makes is extraordinary and influenced by her life experience, family, and issues concerning the world she lives in. The first song on Beyond the Road, Airport Lounge speaks of the saga of the traveling and starving musician. "I don't pretend to be something I'm not. Music is my weapon to express my everyday struggles and the struggles of those around the world," says Mauikai. The second cut, Recall, speaks of family, love and relationships. This track shows an artist who is never afraid to show her true self, the love and feelings towards her family, and humanity overall.

Her first album is colorful with nuances of love, compassion, struggle but most of all hope. Songs like Beyond and Start Again are truly a source of positive strength. In her modesty Mauikai finds it amazing to hear people say their inspired by her. Her fans find her to be one of the most positive and driven individuals. The last song on the album, 50 Ways, is perhaps the most descriptive of her political stance and views. The song opens and closes with the Star-Spangled Banner, all her political ideals are visible, not as an American but as a citizen of the world. "Being on this tour has opened my eyes, there's a big world out there and you can limit yourself to your hometown, city, state or country; there's so many issues we are not directly exposed to everyday as people are caught up with their own problems," says Mauikai.

The album Beyond the Road is one you'll find can be listened to over and over again. This is due to the fusion masterly laid out with instrumentals by DJ Dolo, which complement Mauikai's unique voice and style. She is one artist who doesn't just make hip-hop music, but lives the life style on a daily. With this attitude, love and respect towards the culture, it gives her credibility as an artist and a future mega star. The public will soon be seeing Mauikai develop into an international sensation. It will behoove anyone to check her myspace page at and go see her perform live as the experience might change your life and the way you see the world. You'll agree when you listen to her album Beyond the Road; it will leave an ever lasting impression on you, the music industry, and the world. - Welby Alcantara for Salsa Mergengue

"Capicu Recap: A Night Of Concious Hip Hop"

The talent at Capicu Poetry was off the meter last Friday, from start to end! The folks on line waiting to get in to the show were treated to a

Random act of poetry as Dean (Street Truth TV) and his troops set out to perform out in public and capture the reactions of onlookers that came out of buildings and off of the corners to see what was causing all the commotion. It was really intriguing as people from the
neighborhood came up and started asking questions about Street Truth, Capicu and performance poetry in general, and some were even motivated to come in to watch the show.

In the spirit of a night of Concious Hip Hop, Host Papo Swiggity opened the show with a monologue to set the tone for what was about to go down in Area 51. If God wanted to speak to us today, in this room and around the world to reach our innermost being and affect us at the basic level of our understanding He would probably drop a Hip Hop album. Such is the strength and each of our music today. But let it be known that God already speaks to us not through sword carrying angels or bushes aflame.

If you ever zoned out to

Grandmaster Flash,
Slick Rick,
Rakim Allah,
KRS One,
Queen Latifah,
Poor Righteous Teachers,
Common Sense,
Lauryn Hill,
Mos Def,
Talib Kweli,
Immortal Technique...
Then you have heard his voice!

Tonight was a little bit different as Capicu Poetry had to switch up the format a bit to accomodate the heavyweight second half of the show. The Open Mic performers included some of our Capicu loyalists as well as some new faces to our Brooklyn home. Performances included a collabo piece between Dean and Brother Derrick, a solo by Brother Derrick, Bella Trastorna, Conan (with his entourage...I see you playa), Boricuation artist G-Positive, Royal T, Chilo, OL SoUL, Essence LaMonde, Poeta Guerrera, and a surprise visit and reading from the multi-talented and highly revered Sandra Garcia Rivera.

The second half featured a dynamic performance by Division X that really brought back that old hip hop flavor that unfortunately many of our young people are unfamiliar with today. Special invited guests included amazing performaces by Mauikai (you gotta hear Negative, Alvare (complete with tracks and lyrics meant to get your espiritu flowing) and some real positive words and poetry (The Product) from the legendary DJ Disco Wiz! Also, in the audience we saw fellow Williamsburg progressive artists 1 Soul. -

"The Mauikai Interview by Black Mamba"

A lot more than hurricanes and crazy thunderstorms come out of Florida fam. When I first saw Mauikai perform a while back at the Mink in Houston, TX I couldn't believe what I was hearing and seeing. Mauikai has this crafty, smooth, and genuine stage presence that is almost indescribable. The way she connects her rhyme patterns and her body motion is deeper than hypnotism. She's the type of person you find yourself chanting one more song to when her set is done. Mauikai lives, breaths and sleeps hip hop culture.

- Boycott Magazine Issue 13 (July - September 2007)

"Lookout! with Mauikai"

Another live celebration courtesy of the Lookout crowd of merry folk! A platform for live, unsigned talent in many guises, but mostly along the of dancehall, hip hop, r’n'b and street sounds … Mauikai is a Cuban-American soul siren, lyricist and political activist, in short, a natural-born leader. The Miami-bred artist broke into Orlando’s underground hip hop scene in 2004 and quickly teamed up with the then supa crew Solillaquists of Sound.The 23 year old blends song and rhyme with stripped down, honest lyrics in her own sweet style. Several collaborative releases (on indie hip hop label: Nonsense) and four national tours later Mauikai is set to take Europe by storm! One to watch! 5 p.m - Favela Chic UK


(Article printed in Italian) - English Version:

Leva57: So who is Mauikai?

Mauikai: I guess the answer to this question depends on which day you catch me ;) In all seriousness though, I’m a 24 year old, Cuban-American vocalist, emcee, poet, dancer, actress, writer, activist, dreamer, daughter, lover of the arts, traveller, gypsy and wanna-be super hero all rolled into one! I’ve dedicated my entire life to the performing arts and for the past 5 years I’ve been pushing my way into the independent Hip Hop scene, rocking shows that had crowds as small as two people and as large as 20,000 heads, collaborating with amazing artists I’ve become a fan of along the way, globe-trotting in the name of music, starting a non-profit agency with a group of friends (I Am Hip Hop: My Voice Matters – for the incarcerated youth in Miami that’s based on the true school elements and fundamentals of Hip Hop culture and staying active in both the Orlando & Miami communities on a grassroots social and political level. Hip Hop is the reason I wake up everyday and I’ve been blessed to be able to utilize it as the vehicle and voice for my self-expression.

Leva57: You just spent three months on tour, performing all over Europe. I know it was your first time in the EU. What was that experience like and how do you feel about our countries?

Mauikai: Wow, this one’s tough! Actually, nah! It’s easy. I loved my first experience out in Europe. Don’t get me wrong, in the beginning things were really challenging. People always say, “Oh everyone speaks English,” but that’s a lie! Ha ha. The language barrier was probably the first big culture shock I experienced, seeing as the country I touched down in to set off the tour was Germany. It was painful not being able to read a menu and order something familiar on my own. Things weren’t any easier in the Czech Republic. But when I made it to the French part of Switzerland, things became a little clearer. And by then, I was already starting to adjust to the European lifestyle. At first, I was really taken aback and sort of stunned. There were days I’d wake up and forget that I wasn’t in Miami or Orlando anymore. But soon thereafter, I started getting used to my new surroundings. I absolutely loved the architecture and history European countries had. I especially liked the laid back lifestyle in Barcelona. The food there was delicious, not to mention it was nice to draw on my Spanish and communicate in another language other than English. By the time I made it to France, I was in love! Nantes was amazing and I probably had one of my best experiences in that city. I met some amazing artists, Dajla, Benji Blow, Djoss & a band called Tribeqa. After learning a little more about the French government and the way they handle artists, I was really impressed and even more in love with the country. After spending a lot of time in Switzerland (which was absolutely beautiful) and working with one of Lausanne’s funkiest bands, The Fabulous Schublig Band and several dope Hip Hop artists and producers like TigerLily, BFG, Squid, Sisma, Grand Papa Tra, Willy Sunshine and Wikaman, I headed off to Belgium and wow! I loved it there too. It totally reminded me of New York City. It was gritty, fast-paced and super diverse. I enjoyed myself so much in Bruxelles. I’d love to go back and explore it some more. I regret not having made it to Paris, London or Milan. Honestly, while 2.5 months seemed quite long before I left, there just wasn’t enough time to do and see it all. But not to worry, I’m already slated to come back to Europe in March 2009 and trust me, this time I’m going EVERYWHERE :)

Leva57: Tell me about your debut at Hip Hop Kemp.

Mauikai: Where to begin? A little over two years ago, I met an amazing woman & super talented artist, Yarah Bravo who I saw for the first time in my hometown of Miami when she rocked a show with her crew, One Self (w/DJ Vadim & BluRum13). The three of them were really down to Earth and they told me all about how amazing the European music scene was. I was instantly infatuated with the idea of travelling overseas for a few months to experience what they were talking about firsthand. They had talked about a dope festival that happens every year in August in the Czech Republik: Hip Hop Kemp. I did a little research and was hooked straight away! I became obsessed with the thought of performing at HHK & touring Europe, so I began to dream and to dream LARGE! I basically harassed one of the festival’s promoters, almost on a weekly basis, to which I never received a response. When I didn’t hear back from anyone for almost a year, I pretty much gave in and thought to myself, “I guess it just wasn’t meant for me.” Then when I had almost completely forgotten about HHK, I got a Myspace message from Yarah letting me know she was working on an all-female line-up for a stage at this year’s festival. She told me that if I could get myself out to - MAG(azine) - Italy December 08/January 09 Issue

"Encore deux dates pour savorer Mauikai en live"


Entre rap, soul, funk et chanson latino, Mauikai continue de répandre sa diversité musicale dans nos contrées. Après Lausanne et Delémont, la juene artiste de Miami sera ce soir au Bar King de Neuchâtel de samedi a l'Écurie de Geneve. La poétesse engagée sera épaulée par le Vaduois DJ Ryf.

Bar King (NE), je 16, 21hr/l'Écurie (GE) sa 18, 22h.

Mauikai est une rappeuses...mais pas seulment. - 20 Minutes Switzerland


We all say how much we love hip hop and how we cherish the culture, but theres one thing that most of us dont do, and I think its probably the most vital in our efforts to keep this movement going, and for the love of true hip hop to continue on many generations after were no longer around to love it.

We gotta show the up and comers..the ones comin up what this is all about. So that they can one day also express to their peers when it was that they fell in love with hip hop, and they will mention you because you were a part of it.

We recently caught up with Mauikai, an ill MC who ripped it up at the Heart & Sole event put on by the FSF South Florida Chapter in April. It only seemed right to get to know her better and interview her for our blog; we figured who better to represent strong women in the local scene and so heavy in the culture than her. After talks back and forth she had one request before our interview was granted.

She asked us to cover the organization she helped create as part of our interview. A non-profit organization called I AM HIP HOP: MY VOICE MATTERS. The program is a comprehensive, peer created & directed arts program based on hip hop culture that aims to enrich the lives of the incarcerated youth of the Juvenile Justice Department by educating them about the positive role hip hop can play in their lives within AND outside of the Miami-Dade Regional Juvenile Justice Center.

She is very very passionate about this and although she loves what she does as an MC, she would really like us to focus a lot of attention on what she has created. We had no problem with that at all so she gave us a date and we were there.

We met at the Miami-Dade Regional Juvenile Justice Center.
They took our stuff. No cell phone. No car keys. No nothing.

To be honest that center looked like my elementary school. Makes you think...

First thing we did is help set up the food. The group always tries to take things the kids have voiced to them they miss eating. Last time it was chinese food, this time, thanks to Tony's mom, the menu was meat and veggie burgers, hot dogs & home made cookies and brownies that were RIDICULOUS. Big BIG BIG shouts to Tony's mom for the ill cookout!

After we we all got our grub on, DJ Dolo went into the history of Hip Hop. Explained a little more about the roots of Hip Hop, stemming from Jamaica and tranlating into the Bronx at Graffiti Rock. He told the kids about block parties and his personal venture into DJing. He then introduced "Scratch" [2002] a dvd featuring several prominent DJs discussing their first exposure to DJing, scratching and Hip Hop and Rap.

The video gave this equation in relation to hip hop.

MC (Master of Ceremonies) + DJ = Rap

Graffiti + Breaking + DJ + MCs + how you talk and dress = Hip Hop


The DVD also discussed Zulu Nation and their history and impact in the Hip Hop culture and how the Electric Boogaloos brought in poppin and lockin. The kids were so excited and so involved into the little part of the film that they were able to see. Everyone was boppin their heads and really into the music.

We then moved to the other side of that cold ass gym where we had a DJ Session with Dolo. Some of the kids had never seen a vinyl record before. He went through how the turntables produce sound and how scratches/sounds were created originally and how DJs make them now.(At one point, Dolo played alittle piece of Biz Markie's "Just a Friend" and everyone broke out into YOUUUU!! YOUUUU GOT WHAT I NEEEED, it was great! Nice to see the kids knowing some classics!)

He explained Diggin through the crates. How DJ's literally went through crates of musc to find different types of sounds. Dolo explained, very prolifically I might add, "You can't make hip hop out of hip hop." He talked about sampling and used UGK's International Player Anthem as an example of how somehting can be completely transformed. Mauikai chimed in with an important message relating to both Hip Hop and life and it really affected the kids and us. She asked us to cross our arms and we all did. Then she asked us to try and cross our arms the other way and when we all noticed how uncomfortable it was she said, "You can change your habits, it's just going to take some getting used to."

While we all let the message sink it Dolo finished up his portion with heavy love and then, Haviken Hayes was up next to discuss beat making. He explained sampling and chopping up and breakin up beats. He brought his very own MPC and showed how it masters all your sounds and controls when you want to insert and remove them. He talked about ghost producing and ghost writing and how producers and MC's trade beats and collecting records. How biting was wack back in the day (and still is!). Also commented on how record labels are packaging up and serve cookie cutter artists.

Next up to bat was Drea and Bully. They explained the engineering & the recording processes. Bully dropped some -

"Mauikai >>Refreshes Hip Hop with new perspective out from the shadows"

This soulful chick knows how to touch YOUR soul and heart!

And believe me - you will experience this angel-voice sooner than later. She will grace the UNITY stage of Hip Hop Kemp by bringing you an unforgettable stage performance full of energy and love!

This amazing Cuban-American soul sistren, lyricist and political activist is born with music running thru her veins. Music is been injected in her bloog since day 1! You will feel it, you will literally become part of her and her way of expression will grab your ears and eyes!

She's rocking the mic in her own unique, explosive way and droping knowledge in Maui Style:

1. Mauikai, you as a creative young woman, what do you think of the new project called "U.N.I.T.Y." and ladies in Hop Hop in general?

I've always loved to dream and dream big! And ever since I was a little girl, both my mother and my father always encouraged me to do what I love, even if it meant pursuing things that were considered difficult or unpopular to others. When I think about what five strong, independent & talented sistas that are connected through Hip Hop have collectively envisioned and manifested, it's proof that we all have the power to turn our dreams into reality. U.N.I.T.Y. is a dream come true, but not just for the amazing women who had the vision to make it happen. U.N.I.T.Y. represents phenomenal women in Hip Hop from all across the world who have been given the opportunity to be seen and heard, in an effort to express themselves & inspire other's and each other to live their dreams!

2. If you look at the media, they market things and exploit almost every product. Do you think that music in general can still be innocent and successful if you don't have big bosses/labels "watching" you?

I think it'd be a huge mistake to attempt to answer this question as if everyone reading this will agree with my point of view, so I'll answer this on my own personal behalf vs. what I think other's feel about this issue. I've always been a sucker for reading & quotes, and one of my all time favorite books is Paolo Coelho's "The Alchemist". It's in this book that he writes "To realize one's destiny is a person's only obligation." As an artist, I made a decision a long time ago, that I didn't want to work within the confines and regulations of the mainstream music industry. While some musicians dream of major recording contracts and endorsement deals, that's not where my heart lives. Having the freedom to write about issues that I feel are important and to maintain 100% creative control over my image and my content, I know that the music I make will always represent me to the fullest! Not having to compromise myself already dictates success i n my book, regardless of any numbers reflected in a bank account!

3. Lets say tomorrow the world ends. I know you shared stages w/ some of the most talented and great artists of our time. If I was to ask you to name an artist that you would like to collaborate w/, before the world ends, which would you choose?

This is an unfair question for any musician!!! It's too difficult to pick just one, so I'll give you my top 5 in no particular order.

* Alicia Keys
* Aretha Franklin
* Marc Anthony
* The Orishas
* Stevie Wonder

4. What do you expect from your performance and experience at this year's Hip Hop Kemp aka Hip Hop Heaven?

It's funny because while most people might imagine that I've been preparing like crazy for this performance or daydreaming about what it's going to be like, I've really been making the effort not to think about HHK or Europe at all (trust me when I say, it hasn't been easy!) I've heard so many stories about how amazing this festival is from Yarah Bravo, Vadim, BluRum13, SteKeyz and iCON the Mic King but I don't want to have any expectations about this journey at all. I'd rather clear my mind and just be totally swept off my feet in whatever it is that's going to happen. Ever since I heard about HHK (almost two years ago), I started emailing some of the event's promoters relentlessly, to which I received no response. Now, to be able to perform at this year's festival, all I know is that it's going to be extremely emotional and an unforgettable experience! I just can't wait...

Mauikai >> refreshes Hip Hop with new perspective out from the shadows
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This soulful chick knows how to touch YOUR soul and heart!

And believe me - you will experience this angel-voice sooner than later. She will grace the UNITY stage of Hip Hop Kemp by bringing you an unforgettable stage performance full of energy and love!

This amazing Cuban-American soul sistren, lyricist and political activist is born with music running thru her veins. Music is been injected in her bloog since day 1! You will feel it, you will literally become part of her and her way of expression will grab your ears and eyes!

She's rocking t -


2008: Mauikai Auto-Tuneless Life Formations Preview LP Produced by Swamburger
2008: Rocwell Evolution EP “F.R.E.E.D.O.M.” ft. Swamburger & Mauikai
2007: Mauikai, La Bruja, Patty Dukes, Barbara L a Guerrera, Mami Montana, Katana, Lah Tere
The Latina Symphony
2007: S.K.I.P. Autobiographicology LP “Somebright” ft. Mauikai “Keeps Calling Me” ft. Mauikai
2006: S.K.I.P. What They Never Told You LP “Undergrad Spacecamp” ft. Mauikai
2006: X:144 and SPS M.E. LP “Almost” ft. Mauikai



John Quincy Adams once said “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” And by those standards, Mauikai, the Cuban-American soul siren, lyricist and political activist has been a leader her entire life. Born and raised in the heart of South Florida’s most popular city, this Miami-bred artist has been paying her dues since grade school. Passion, tenacity & fearlessness represent few of the qualities this outspoken chanteuse possesses.

Emerging out of thin air and breaking into Orlando’s underground Hip Hop scene back in 2004, Mauikai, a quick study, teamed up with then-local super crew: the Sol.illaquists of Sound, at their weekly open-mic jam, Vocalizations at famed Will’s Pub. The journey continues just after receiving her degree in audio engineering from Full Sail University, when she moves in with her mentors (who later sign to Anti-/Epitaph Records) to begin working on her career. No stranger to the mass market, this musical chameleon once worked for “Diddy” at his New York recording studio, Daddy’s House and interned for bi-cultural, bi-lingual Telemundo subsidiary, mun2 Television. Suffice to say, both of these experiences only strengthened her convictions to steer clear of the commercialized music industry. Blending song & rhyme with stripped-down, honest lyrics, Mauikai’s unique style stands out amongst today’s cookie cutter artists that solely replicate songs major labels consider “hit records”.

And while most twenty-something’s are still trying to find themselves and figure out what they want to do with their lives, 24 year old Mauikai has stayed way ahead of the curve. With several collaborative releases on indie Hip Hop label Nonsense Records and four successful national tours as a supporting act for the Sol.illaquists of Sound and DJ Vadim’s London outfit, One Self to name a few, Mauikai has just returned from her European debut tour. Releasing a preview of her first LP “Auto-tuneless Life Formations” produced by Solilla emcee, producer & artist extraordinaire Swamburger, stops included Eastern Europe’s prestegious: Hip Hop Kemp, Germany’s month long celebration of women in Hip Hop: the We B*Girlz Festival and several shows alongside the legendary Roxanne Shante, Bahamadia, Yarah Bravo, Stacy Epps, DJ Shortee, The Coup, DJ Nu-Mark, Immortal Technique and many more!

As if her musical conquests weren’t enough, 2008 marked the beginning of a dream realized, as Mauikai teamed up with several friends and supporters to launch the “I Am Hip Hop: My Voice Matters” program, a non-profit organization in the works that focuses on exposing Hip Hop history and culture to the incarcerated youth in her hometown juvenile detention center. You may not know the name yet, but one encounter is all you’ll need to know that Mauikai isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon…so keep your eyes and ears peeled. From the US to Europe and all around the globe, this floecist is sure to rock the mic and drop knowledge in a city near you!

Mauikai has played/shared the stage with:

Dead Prez
Sean Price
Roxanne Shante
Digable Planets: Doodlebug
Brand Nubian: Lord Jamar
DJ Vadim & One Self
Sol.illaquists of Sound
Yarah Bravo
Immortal Technique
Stacy Epps
La Bruja
X:144 and SPS
and many more!

For video footage of Mauikai visit: