Maui y los Sirenidos

Maui y los Sirenidos

 Granada, Andalusia, ESP


Maui y los Sirénidos surprised by its freshness and originality of interpretation on stage. Funk, Flamenco, Jazz, Pop... come together to shape a story that made songs throb with the public.
Maui y los Sirénidos has won the Spanish National Award for "Best Fusion Artist UFI 2009" and has gained significant media health television campaign with the spanish national TV channel "Cuatro" of which were image.
In 2011 presented his new DVD/CD "Directamente"


Directamente (DVD/CD Flamenco Sumergio Records 2011)
Un ratito más (LP/CD Flamenco Sumergio Records 2007)
Flamenco Sumergido (LP/CD Manantial de Músicas 2004)