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My first solo album is called "Play for Keeps" available on iTunes, Spotify, and I also have a song on iTunes called "Unblessed" that I co-wrote and sang, as well as two other singles, "At the Station" and "Brave Hearts" that I sang for a mall soundtrack. Also, a song featuring my vocals called L'etranger that my friends, The Small Hours, wrote is apparently being played over the loud speakers at a commercial center in Rome, Italy. A very nice Italian man used Shazam to identify the song and contacted me on my Facebook fan page because he could not find a place to buy or download it anywhere. The Small Hours and I have no idea how it so happened that the song is being played over the loud speakers in Rome, but we're not complaining either! :)



My original writing and singing influences growing up were Jewel, Sheryl Crow, Tom Petty, Selena, and the oldie radio station. When Amy Winehouse hit in the states, my artistic world exploded because her influence really freed me up to not be confined in genre or identity and to embrace the good, the bad and the ugly in myself and my work in a more honest and fulfilling intimacy. I view my songs as babies and I respect them and give them life even if I don't "like" them. I think this sets me apart from other artists because I believe music feeds people and I am willing to serve that need and stay unique to what comes through.
I am originally from Austin, TX and I moved to LA to become a movie star after I read a biography on Marilyn Monroe. I am a weirdo with a host of phobias and neurosis, but also a large sense of humor. I appreciate the road less travelled and have enjoyed many adventures and crazy experiences due to my willingness to consider and believe in impossible things.
My greatest desire is to heal, connect and inspire people and to reveal all of myself in my work in a way that validates the emotions and dreams that we all share. Music and self expression makes me feel like I am not alone and has the amazing capacity to connect and encourage people. Life can be hard sometimes and music is a saving grace. I view art in general as a sacred relationship between people and the divine. It is magical how the right song, movie, book, or painting seems to come along, right when you need it the most. I want to be part of that conversation.