Maurice Davis

Maurice Davis


Pop Rock Band - High Energy Show, Leave the fans wanting more. Talented Song writer (Maurice Davis) and musicians. These ingredients makes for great music and an awesom show. The band is always invited back to play when they finish a show. The band does well both at large and small venues.


January 2009!
Maurice Davis was born Maurice Matthew El Sid Abshire, with no real connection to his mother and an unknown father, in 1985 he was adopted with his 2 brothers at the age of two. In 1997 Maurice picked up his first guitar, initially intended for his brother and began the long journey that has lead him from Texas to New York. After being placed in Boys Ranch at the age of 15 and acquiring his High School Diploma from Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Texas, Maurice moved back home with his parents with no intention of finishing college but pursuing his life long saving grace, music. In 2008 Maurice found his father and biological family after 24 years. This story is still unraveling.

After being discovered by his now music manager Rick Dellagatta (Former 3 time USA Freestyle Wrestling Champion), Maurice moved to Sparta, NJ where he honed in on his writing skills. Some of the most raved about songs, which will also be appearing on the Maurice Davis Band debut album came from this time period such as “Ladies Of Love”, “Missing Children” and “Doorman”.

Many industry experts initially recognized Maurice as a phenomenal songwriter but feeling that compelling songwriting wasn’t enough Maurice decided to not only write the best songs but also have the best band play them. While Maurice searched for a band, he played solo shows in New York City and the New Jersey Shore, playing such venues as the Hammerstein Ballroom, CBGS’s and Baggot’s Inn even performing on the Main Stage at the New York City Marathon.

The first member to join almost immediately was hard hitting Justin Troster (My Turn To Win). With no satisfaction or intention of playing behind Maurice’s 12-string with a simple cross stick beat Justin offered Maurice the fire that he was searching for. “We have no desire to put people to sleep at our shows” Justin says. Maurice close behind with gear in hand winks in agreement.

The next addition to the band came from a meeting between Maurice and now bassist Jim Okeen, this is the reason for the age-old saying, “Never judge a book by its cover”. Jim came in dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and not even a case for his bass. Plugged in and the rest is history. As Maurice will tell you, “The less you have to say about a guy the better he is. Awesome bass players don’t need a long introduction. You hear them play and you know how good they are.”

When the band thought they could get no better, surprise! Toting a lead guitar out of Philly comes a well versed player named Keith Wadsworth. Upon hearing the band play during a performance, he immediately felt the connection to the MDB musical style and sound. It only took one session for everyone to know Keith belonged with the band and the bands selection was finally complete. This amazing Journey of twisted turns of fate had brought this group of talented musician together and there was only one thing left to do, PLAY!!

As the band became tighter and perfected it’s show and music, the gigs became easier to book. After opening up for “Holiday Parade” at the School of Rock, and “Ozma” in their home base of Hoboken, NJ at “Maxwell’s” and "New Atlantic” on the main stage at “Knitting Factory NYC” the band has been established as a headliner and is performing venues all over the country. Due popularity and demand the band also started playing college venues all over the US. The band was recently selected as a headliner for the MEGA MUSIC TOUR “a show with a cause that supports the environment”. This tour presents shows at schools and colleges all over the US.

Ask Maurice how many shows they plan on playing this year and he’ll tell you, “No days off. If I’m not playing with the band I can play solo acoustic shows. If I’m not playing tonight I better be promoting tomorrow night. I don’t write poetry or songs or perform for the money, it’s cause I love to do it. And if I can’t go out and do something for the sake of loving it then I’m in the wrong business. If I wanted to be at home every night and every weekend I would’ve finished college. My band feels the same way and that’s why we’re successful. Funny thing is, we left college to play music and now we're back in college, playing music!”

The band is currently recording its album out of Water Music in Hoboken, New Jersey and working with Indy Label Infidel Records (Antigone Rising). Maurice has worked with Rob Grenoble for the past year in preparation of his new release. Renowned music producer Michael Barberio is working with Rob to finish the album with Infidel Records. Michaels’s credits read like a who’s who in music and Maurice is excited Michael has elected to be part of launching this album. Some of the many albums Michael has worked on are, Guns 'n Roses, "Appetite for Destruction" - Metallica, "And Justice For All" - John Lennon & Yoko Ono, "Milk and Honey" - Madonna, "Open Your Hear" - Whitney Houston, "How Will I Know" - Blues traveler,


“In Truth Your Glamourless”

Written By: Words and Music by Maurice Davis

1st Verse
The credits roll but you are still in character.
In your lines you stroll to prove you’re not an amateur.
But you can’t slow down and the addict that you play upon the screen wall,
Will only serve as your clown,
Cause you cannot entertain the crowd when the curtain falls.

You could not get out of the line you use to hold you in place.
And the substance you abuse to kill the pain only made it shine.
You could not remove your mask for fear of recognizing the past,
As more than just a memory in your mind!

2nd Verse
The mischief fades and the proud look that you use to wear,
Mixes with the stains and rinsed clean I know your scared.
But the costume that you use to wear,
To cover up the scars that bleed on occasion,
Is worn and thread less, your white robe is waiting.

Repeat Chorus

3rd Verse
Yeah you twisted fate to fit in with the plans that you had already made,
But you chose not to understand, you cannot move the pieces.
Yeah life is more than what you claim to be,
And the vacancy that you have become has left me empty.

Repeat Chorus


EP - 5 Songs
Nobody's Fool - Internet Radio

MEGA MUSIC TOUR - Selected as Headline Band 2009 - Playing Colleges and High Schools across America!

Maurice wrote "The Boy, the Man and the Wall" featured in the film "A Wall As Witness."

Maurice wrote "Missing Children" in support of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Set List

40 - 45 minute sets.
1 - 2 hour Shows.
9 - 12 songs per set
Combination high energy and medium and one or two rock ballads. Fan favorites.