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"Knitting Factory Hollywood"

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Knitting Factory Review

In case you haven't read our review from the April 2nd show at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, here it is...

Check out his great review, written by Lisa North from CD Insight:

"It's easy to mistake the band Maurice the Fish for their parent label, also called Maurice The Fish (Records), but if the band wasn't already signed along with a full line-up of other artists, I'd say they should be. The four piece tore up Hollywood Boulevard at The Knitting Factory on April 2nd, coming down LA way from their home turf in Seattle.

Maurice the Fish is not what I would expect from a Seattle band, which usually leads out with dreary melodies and droning Emo Grindcore arrangements. Instead, this dynamic four piece exploded off the stage with original songs that made me wonder if I was listening to songs I should know already, as the melodies and choruses had such a familiar, easy to remember feel about them.

Their single release CD "Can You Feel Me (I'm Right Here)" is a roots-rock song heavy on the rhyme that was so inviting to get into, it had me singing along in my car by the second chorus. With such catchy songwriting, it's no doubt as to why they chose this song as their give-away single.

Maurice the Fish has the tight live performance sensibility of a band that has had time to gel their sound , and their tight live show was evident of this. The band's three part vocal harmonies, placed well as to not overdo, reminded me of why I miss bands whose members all sing.

Guitar player Rob Rigoni was a particular stand-out with not only his tasty slide playing and unbelievable solos, but his energy onstage, taking the mic with command to wake up the room with the veteran charisma of a seasoned touring front man. His voice has a sexy quality full of raspy power, which is a nice departure from the more whiney rock vocals pushed by so many bands right now.
Drummer Eric Montgomery, buried in back amidst a pile of drums, also took over on vocals for a song or two with a voice that cut through and reminded me of Seal. I wasn't able to see him as well with how the band was placed onstage, but his playing was rock-solid and dynamic, and his vocal ability was a nice plus.

My surprise of the evening was keyboardist Raymond Hayden, behind a stack of large keyboards which he played with an almost pre-recorded concert-pianist precision, something you never hear live. Hayden's lilting tenor voice was so sleek, smooth, and haunting that coupled with his lyrics, I thought I may be listening to a Pink Floyd album, only with a hook. Between his unshakable vocal control and seamless playing, I had to ask myself: is there anything this band can't do?

Maurice the Fish is definitely a band to look for, and make sure to go and see them live if you can. Check out the record label website:, or the band's website Don't be confused by their website –the band also plays for-hire dance cover gigs, and that makes sense with how tight this band plays together. But I'd put Maurice The Fish's original sound up against anything on the radio, or in any big concert hall, so I was surprised and a little more than disappointed that there wasn't more of their original sound highlighted on their website. As it is, you're going to have to take my word for it. I would have bought full length Maurice the Fish CD's for friends, and that's rare for me. I guess I'll have to wear out my single until one is available. So definitely check out this fantastic original band if they're in your area, because Maurice the Fish makes being a fan fun again."
- CD Insight


Can You Feel Me - Single
Devil's on the Wall - Full Length CD



Maurice the Fish is the ultimate entertainment experience.
They travel extensively and have performed everywhere from clubs on LA's Sunset Strip to concert arenas, festivals, corporate events, private parties and everything in between. In addition to an enthusiastic fan base, Maurice the Fish is hailed by CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, live music club managers, and event planners as"top shelf" entertainment they would hire again and again.

Entertaining crowds together since 1999, the talent and synergy on stage is undeniable. Maurice the Fish is comprised of internationally acclaimed musicians Rob Rigoni (guitars, vocals), Doug McGrew (drums, percussion, vocals), Santia (keys, vocals) and Pebbles (bass, guitar, vocals). These pro musicians have performed and/or recorded alongside musicians from the likes of Heart, Supertramp, Love Mongers, Blue Oyster Cult, April Wine, Berlin, Nazareth, Jefferson Starship and others, and are voting members with the National Recording Academy (Grammy Awards).

The bands' pro management team provides event planning, promotion assistance and logistics expertise to ensure clients' needs are met in every way. One-stop entertainment packages can include a myriad of entertainment configurations, pro sound and lighting systems scaled to meet the event space and the pro engineers to run them.

Maurice the Fish reside in the Northwest, travels internationally, and books up to two years in advance.