mauro senise

mauro senise


I'm a sax and flute player. I play Bossa Nova, Jazz and Brazilian Instrumenhtal Music. I have many performance formats, but Mauro Senise Quarteto is the main one.


Mauro Senise was born in May 1950, in Rio de Janeiro, the grandson of philosopher Alceu Amoroso Lima. He started his career in 70’s. Studied classical flute with Odette Ernest Dias and saxophone with Paulo Moura, two masters that Mauro considers as fundamental for his career. For many years, he played and recorded with other great masters such as Hermeto Pascoal, Egberto Gismonti, Wagner Tiso and Luis Eça. He also recorded with the greatest names from Popular Brazilian Music. He received many awards, among which are the Playboy trophy and the Brahma Extra de Revelação Instrumental award (Instrumental Revelation) for the whole of his works. He performed around Europe with Egberto Gismonti and in Spain, France, Belgium, the United States, Malta Island and Ecuador with Cama de Gato. He has launched six CDs with this group. In 1988, Mauro made his first solo record, Mauro Senise, and the second, Jade, in the following year. In a partnership with composer, pianist, and arranger Gilson Peranzzetta, he launched two more CDs: Uma Parte de Nós and Vera Cruz. In 1995, Mauro recorded in New York, in a duet with the excellent guitar and electric guitar player Romero Lubambo, an album with the standards of Brazilian popular music. In August 1998, he was invited to the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival, in Finland, where he was the soloist of Radamés Gnatalli and Villa-Lobos pieces. In May 1999, he launched his seventh solo CD, Virtuoso. In June 2001, Senise launched the CD Dançando nas Nuvens, with his quartet, received with enthusiasm by the critics. Also in June of that same year, the Mauro Senise Quartet was invited to participate in the 2nd Chivas Jazz Festival, in Rio and São Paulo, along with major jazz names of the moment. The Mauro senise Quartet was pointed out by the reviews as one of the highlights of the festival. In April 2002, Mauro launched another solo CD, Vênus, where he reunites compositions that have women’s names and were composed by some of the greatest composers of Brazilian music. In May 2002, Mauro performed at the Lincoln Center, in New York, in the show The Music by Pixinguinha, directed by guitarist Romero Lubambo, with the participation of Romero himself, Nilson Matta, Duduka da Fonseca, Sérgio Brandão and Cyro Baptista, and with the special participation of Paula Robison, one of the main American classical flutists. In 2003, Senise launched the CD Frente a Frente, the third one of his duet with Gilson Peranzzetta. In 2005, he releases Tempo Caboclo, a new CD with music from Brazilian classic composers, among others, Villa-Lobos, Guerra-Peixe, Lorenzo Fernandez, Chiquinha Gonzaga and Claudio Santoro. Tempo Caboclo won Latin Grammy 2006 in Classical Music category. In 2005 too, he toured Europe with Cama de Gato, a quintet founded by him and Pascoal Meirelles. The group performed at Malta Jazz Festival, in Malta Island, and at Jazz at Juan, in France. In 2006, when his carrier celebrated 35 years, Mauro releases his new CD, “Casa Forte – Mauro Senise toca Edu Lobo”, only with music by the great master. The arrangements are by Gilson Peranzzetta. Edu Lobo makes a special feature in “Canção do Amanhecer”.


1977 – Carmo
1978 – Nó caipira
1980 – Circense
1981 – Sanfona
1981 – Em família

1988 - Mauro Senise (Visom)
1989 – Jade (Visom)
1990 – Uma parte de nós – with Gilson Peranzzetta (Visom)
1992 – Vera Cruz – with Gilson Peranzzetta (Visom)
1995 – Pressão alta – with Raul Mascarenhas
1995 – Sorrir – with Gilson Peranzzetta
1995 – Paraty – with Romero Lubambo
1998 - Virtuoso (Visom)
2001 – Dançando nas nuvens (independent)
2002 – Vênus (independent)
2003 – Frente a frente – with Gilson Peranzzetta (Marari)
2005 – Tempo caboclo – (Biscoito Fino)
2005 – Extra de Vários with Gilson Peranzzetta and David Chew (Marari)
2006 – Casa Forte – Mauro Senise toca Edu Lobo (Biscoito Fino)
2007 –DVD Casa Forte – Mauro Senise toca Edu Lobo (Biscoito Fino)

1986 – Cama de Gato (Som da Gente)
1988 – Guerra fria (Som da Gente)
1990 – Sambaíba (Som da Gente)
1993 – Dança da Lua (Line Records)
1994 – Claudio Roditi e Cama de Gato
1995 – Amendoim torrado (Albatroz Discos)
2002 – Água de Chuva (Perfil Musical)

1979 – Terra dos pássaros – Toninho Horta
1979 – Zabumbê – bum – a – Hermeto Pascoal
1979 – Coração Vulgar – Pepê Castro Neves
1979 – Marcha sobre a cidade – Grupo Um
1979 – Antologia poética de Ferreira Gullar
1980 – Trem mineiro – Wagner Tiso
1980 – Feminina – Joyce
1981 – Robertinho Silva – Robertinho Silva
1981 – Mutação – Celia Vaz
1981 – Reflexões sobre a crise do desejo – Grupo Um
1982 – Toca Brasil – Wagner Tiso
1982 – À tarde – Nivaldo Ornellas
1983 – Tardes cariocas – Joyce
1983 – Oferenda – Aleuda
1983 – Bugre – Nenê
1983 – Alquimia – Alquimia
1986 – Leilíadas – João Donato
1987 – Anna – Pascoal Meirelles
1987 – Tocador de realejo – Rildo Hora
1987 – Rique Pantoja e Chet Baker – Rique Pantoja
1987 – Conexões – Antonio Adolfo
1988 – Diamond Land – Toninho Horta
1989 – Bodas de prata – Robertinho Silva
1991 – Paula – Pascoal Meirelles
1992 – Day waves – Claudio Roditi
1995 – Perigo de gol – Robertinho Silva
1995 – Considerações – Pascoal Meirelles
2005 – Manhã de Carnaval – Gilson Peranzzetta
2005 – Tudo que o tempo me deixou – Alaíde Costa
2005 – Valsas e Canções – Gilson Peranzzetta

Set List

Music from my last CD, "Casa Forte - Mauro Senise toca Edu Lobo": Arpoador, Nego Maluco, No cordão da saideira, Valsa Carioca, Vento Bravo, Canto triste, Pra dizer adeus, Casa Forte, Beatriz e Canção do amanhecer. My set has about 1h and 30 minutes.